Zones of Regulation

Hey everyone,

This week in 4B we have been focussing on the zones of regulation, they are blue, green, yellow and red these zones represent our emotions at different stages, green zone is ready to learn.

We got into groups and we each got to pick our zones out of a hat. We started to brainstorm ideas and began to plan. After the plan we drafted our script which we needed to include begging , middle and end a problem and a solution, the solution shows how we get back to the green zone.

Today we revised and edit and some of us even got to publish and make a trailer for our film.

Watch this space for more updates on our films.


Thank you for reading 4B

It all starts at the beginning.. 3A’s first blog post!

Classroom design and setup                                                                                           When we came to school our class looked very plain and boring.  There was no carpet or pillows or different furniture. First we talked about what a great classroom looks like, sounds like and feels like.  Then we were split into small groups to design how we wanted our class to look. Some people put in bean bags and interesting designs.  We came together and created a design using our ideas.  We helped to move heavy furniture in teams like tables, chairs and lockers.  We helped to make our classroom look much better! We have a classroom library, a sanctuary space, high tables, low tables and different shaped tables. This is what we wanted.  Every term we will reflect on our classroom setup and try new designs.

Zahira- “Our class is very dull.”

Enes- We need a carpet so that it is comfortable to sit on the floor.”

CBL- Community and Respect                                                                                      This term our big idea is ‘Community and Respect’.  We have been exploring different provocations to help us make connections to our big idea.  We have been looking at indigenous communities.  We watched a clip from the news about the government and how it is trying to shut down their community.  We think this is wrong. We also looked at different indigenous photos and wrote down what we saw and wrote down our wonderings. We even have an indigenous display with a boomerang and indigenous picture story books.

Arda- “I wonder if they killed the animals for the food?”

Alana- “I wonder what the dance was about?

CBL-Russian artefacts                                                                                                      First we sat and in a circle and there was a box in the middle of the floor. We were wondering what was inside. There were so many things inside! There were 2 spoons, a red solid egg, musical instruments, scarves, toys and a book written in a different language.  There was also a globe, an Australia flag and Babushka dolls.  We have displayed these artefacts near our door so that everyone can see!

Gursewak- “I wonder what the guitar is made out of? I wonder what the head piece is for?”

Jayden- “I wonder who made them?”

Kavyaa-“I wonder what the doll inside the doll is called?”

CBL- Respected Australian figures/Australian of the year winners    Our room was covered with faces that we did not know.  We made predictions about who these people were.  Some were in picture frames.  I think this is because they are important people.  Some of us recognised Steve Irwen because he has a daughter Bindi and loved animals.

Samantha Kerr is the world’s number one soccer player in the Women’s International league for the Matilda’s Australian team. She won Young Australian of the year in 2018 because of her talent and determination to play soccer. In the past, she was not taken seriously because she was not a boy.  When Samantha Kerr scores a goal she does a triple back flip!

A safe internet start with you! Safer Internet Day                                         In 3A, we learnt that sometimes cyber space isn’t a safe place.  We watched some video’s about students who are not being safe online and what could happen to them.  We learnt that it is not safe to message someone you do not know.  We created a Cyber Smart Hero who would help remind kids to stay safe online. We also learnt about what we should and should not post online, including pictures.  We must always remember to ask permission before we take a picture of them and ask again if we can share it online.  This is called being respectful.

Team Building is fun!                                                                                                          We have been going outside to play some team building games.  Team building means learning how to play in a team.  We have played relay races, hoop chain and number basketball.  We would really love to play number soccer.

Great sportsman ship is when you:

  • encourage eachother
  • don’t get upset when the game does not go your way
  • help people up if they get hurt
  • cheer on the other side

What other games can we play that builds teamwork?


Written by 3A!

See you soon! 🙂







4C’s Classroom Agreement

We have created our Classroom Agreement in 4C!! First we looked at our school values of Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Responsibility.

Here we did an activity about how we can make respect grow in 4C:

We discussed our Positive School Wide Behaviours by making posters where we wrote how we can display behaviours around different areas of the school.

This helped us to create our classroom expectations. They were:

  • We will move if we get distracted
  • We will respect each other
  • We will show teamwork in the school community
  • We will take care of our and the school’s property
  • We will be responsible role models
  • We will never give up
  • We will try hard to achieve our goals
  • We listen to who is talking

This lead to creating our Classroom Agreement:

In 4C we are a community who shows all the school values by displaying respect to everyone, helping each other and never giving up in everything we do. We will show teamwork by including people and their ideas.

Thank you for reading. We hope to have a great year in 4C!!


3D The Best Class!

Welcome to 3D’s blog.
We would like to introduce you to our class.

We have a class pet – Attila

We have jobs in our classroom, one of them is the Chair Police – Rayshan

We have different furniture in the room including crates and a couch – Prisha

We are a kind class – Mahdia

We are always positive – Asena

Designing our learning space

This week we spent time thinking about what we need to learn best. We talked about what a positive classroom looks like, sounds like and feels like before working in groups to design a learning space we felt would work best. After we presented them to the class, we voted on which one would be put into action. The architects of the winning design became our Project Managers and directed and helped us to move the furniture around into this new design.

The new learning space has lots of different sizes of tables for us to work at with chairs or cushions to sit on. Our TV is also positioned in the middle of the room facing the whiteboard which is a bit different to what all of us have had before!

Check out our new learning space design in the pictures below:

What do you think of our learning space? Would there be a favourite learning area for you?

Please leave a comment!

~ 4D

Unexpected visitor

Hi everyone

This morning we had an unexpected visitor near our classroom. It was a small insect and at first some of us thought it was a grasshopper. We were so curious about what the insect was so we decided to research about it. We worked in pairs, first looking at pictures of different insects to find one that had some similarities. We think it is some sort of praying mantis, but we are unsure about which type it is.

“We think it is a mantidae because it has dots and skinny legs. It also has a fat body and green eyes” Lucas, Udjith and Mohamad.

“We predict that the insect is a teenager praying mantis because baby ones are very small and adult ones are very big” Sirat and Melissa

“We think the insect could be a Octospilota Praying Mantis because its skin is a very light brown which means it could be a baby and the Octospilota insects are very big even if they are a baby” Abaan and Zain.

“I think it might be a stick insect” Gisele.

Some facts we learnt when researching are,

-Stick insects can look like a tree, bush or and twig of a branch

-Praying Mantis have 4 legs and are camouflage in colou

Can you please help us to find out what insect we have living near our classroom.

Thank you,

From 4E


Safer Internet Day

On the Tuesday 6th of February 2018, our school participated in Safer Internet Day. Safer Internet Day is a day where we think about how to use the internet and devices safely.

First we designed our iPad agreement. It is important to have an iPad agreement to talk about misuse and how to use our iPads appropriately in class. 

Next we completed the Forever Challenge. In the Forever Challenge  we had to watch a video about how to be safe on the internet. The video taught us about Cyberbullying, asking for permission before downloading apps, and making sure we think before we share. Following this, we completed a task called ‘Post it/Share it/Delete’. We need to decide if we would post, share or delete certain pictures in different situations. 

We learnt about different age restrictions there are for apps. We had to guess the ages we thought were appropriate for different apps that can be downloaded.

The age restrictions to have an account  for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are 13 years and over.

To have an account on Youtube you need to be 18 years and older or 13 years old with Parent Permission. 

We ended the day by completing a pledge, writing down the things we are going to do to be safe online and use the internet with respect. 

Creating our Learning Community

On the first day of school, we arrived to a classroom that was ‘under construction’. As a class, we discussed what we wanted in our class to help us with our learning and create a place where we want to learn.

First, we brainstormed what we thought our class might look like, sound like and feel like, as well as what we had liked having in our previous classrooms. We used these ideas to work collaboratively with each other to design our ideal learning spaces.

During this process, we had to work as team, listen to one another and compromise on our ideas to create our design. We then shared our designs as a class before coming together to create a collective design.

Efe: “It was fun because we got to make our own classroom design”

Lavanya: “We made a standing table because it looked cool and sometimes we want to stand when we are working”

Dave: “We also made a low table because some people wanted to sit low to the ground”

Dane: “We made an oval table so lots of people could work together”

Harry: “We have made a good learning community”

Aekam: “We made a ‘chill out’ room so we can calm down”

After spending time in the new design, we revisited our design to check and see if it was working or if any adjustments were needed.

Dane: “We moved a locker because it blocked the board for some people”.



Safer Internet Day

Welcome to 4D’s first blog post for the year! Today was Safer Internet Day and we spent our learning time talking and thinking about how we can be respectful online.

In the morning we went on a video call with Kids HelpLine. Georgia from Kids HelpLine @ School spoke with us about what she did there and we asked some questions about Kids HelpLine and found out how they can help us if we need support. Then we talked about how we can be respectful to people when we are on the internet. We learnt about cyber bullying and that it is bad. We watched some videos that told us detail about cyberbullying and why we don’t do it.

We used Padlet to brainstorm some ideas on how we can be respectful online. The book we read during lunch was called “The Internet is like a puddle” and compared the internet to a puddle. We then made a Y chart and thought of ways we can be respectful online. We had to record what respect online looked like, felt like and sounded like – a lot of our ideas linked together! Have a look:


We also made our own pledges and promised to be respectful and safe online. We decided we would be positive and kind to others with our comments, we will always use manners to each other and we would not make fun of people or their photos online.

How are you respectful to others when you are online? Will you pledge to be respectful with us? Write your pledge below!

Come back and say hi again!

~ 4D

Learning Environment

In 4C we looked at different types of classrooms and thought about how we learn best. Then we designed our classroom with a partner on a piece of paper and made sure to include quiet and group spaces. We presented our ideas and made a plan together that we agreed upon. Together we moved the furniture according to the plan.

Here’s what we came up with:

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