CBL Solution

As part of our CBL solution we have been counting the different types of rubbish we find in the school yard. We decided to have different categories to put the rubbish into to see what type is the biggest problem in our school. In one day we counted 202 ‘wrappers’ that were left out in the school yard. Imagine how much that would be in a week, a month, or even a year!

Our Pen Pals Came To Visit!

Our pen pals came to visit today all the way from Korumburra! That is over two hours away. We went to visit them in Week 3 this term and today they were able to come and visit us!

They arrived just after our lunchtime and after they had eaten lunch we had a quick play and chat with them. Then we took them in groups on a tour of the school. We showed them all over – the oval, playgrounds, gym, Prep and Year 1 areas, library, Art rooms and even the pond! We took photos of us and our pen pals together around the school.

When we had done that we had more time to play and hang out with our pen pals. Some people played soccer and some played on the spider playground. Other people stayed inside and played some board games like charades and HeadBandz. They had a lot of fun seeing how big our school is and we had a lot of fun showing them!

They had to leave at 1pm which was sad. We wanted them to stay longer! We spent the afternoon putting together some videos of our photos taken so we can share them with our pen pals.

Here are our video memories we made for our pen pals:

We have enjoyed having pen pals this year! It has been so much fun to learn about another school and meet new people.

~ 3C

Our Rich Task

Students in Year 3 have been continuing to explore how sustainability affects our lives. They have looked closely at the sustainability problems that exist in the world and what initiatives have already been put in place.

“People aren’t reusing and recycling and they are destroying forests by chopping down too many trees.” -Youshia

Students have begun to think about how they can be sustainable in their own lives. They have used all of their experiences from this term to help guide them. They are specifically focusing on how they can make a positive impact in the world.

“I can help people not to litter and turn off the lights in my house when we’re not using them.”

“I will make sure we don’t leave taps running at home and always use a half flush.” -Taylor

In finding out how to be sustainable, students designed their own eco friendly homes and community buildings. They designed their buildings based off of the research they had done.

“I used solar panels because they get energy from the sun instead of the burning coal.” -Omid and Ranveer

Poem Innovation

Our class has been learning to write our own poems based on the rhythm and structure of another author’s poem. This is called poem innovation. Here are our class examples on the innovation of the classic ‘Roses are red’ poem.

Roses are red
Sunflowers are yellow
Petals are soft
Just like a marshmallow
– 3D

Rose are red
Water is blue
Apples are crunchy
Leaves are too
– Kate

Roses are red
Grass are green
My favourite vegetable
is the bean
– Imogen

Roses are red
Blueberries are blue
Honey is yellow
Bees are too
– Briana

Roses are red
Daisies are white
You are so sweet
I will hug you tight
– Samia

Roses are red
Grass is green
Butterflies are cool
The best you’ve ever seen
– Lucas

Roses are red
Cakes are pink
I clean the dishes
They go in the sink
– Maria

Roses are red
Chocolate is brown
It tastes really yum
It’s the best in town
– Eeshal

Roses are red
Kittens are white
I love playing
But fighting’s not right
– Miguel

Roses are red
Blackberries are black
I love painting
And I dry it on a rack
– Jason

Roses are red
Blueberries are blue
I put on a parachute
Then I flew
– Aydin

Roses are red
Trunks are brown
When people scream
It makes me frown
– Zain

Roses are red
Flowers are rainbow
I can see trees
Outside the window
– Marco

Roses are red
Taxis are yellow
When I make slime
It feels like jello
– Alec

Roses are red
Whiteboards are white
iPads are electric
And they have light
– Haydar

Roses are red
Horses are tan
When I do my work
I try the best that I can
– Tiana

Sustainable Community

We have been learning about sustainability this term as our CBL Big Idea. We are using our new learning about how to be sustainable in our rich task.

We were able to choose to be an Architect, a Community Council Builder or an Environmental Educator. Together we are designing and creating a sustainable model community. Architects and Community Builders are designing sustainable buildings or community areas while the Educators are creating information presentations to share with people why our community should be sustainable. 

We have learnt about solar panels and other energy saving options such as building materials, paint colours and reusing water in different ways.

Our community will have houses with solar panels, water tanks, vegetable gardens and other sustainable ideas. A park, library, hospital, water park and swimming pool will also be included in our community.

We are almost complete with our buildings and will be preparing for a Community Showcase soon. Keep an eye out for more details!

Here are some pictures of our community being designed and created by us these last few weeks:

Does your house have any sustainable features?

Class Assembly

Thanks to all of the parents and students who came to our class assembly. We had so much fun! We have been practising very hard for a few weeks but it all paid off in the end. Congratulations to all of the students in 3A and 3E who put on a great performance.

3B’s Learning – Week 7 and 8

In Writing, we have been learning about letters. We have been writing them in the point of view of someone or something else. Miss Murray wrote a letter from the point of view of a candle. It was pretty funny.

During Reading Stamina, we practice our reading goals and write out thinking and new and interesting words in our Reading Journal. We need to believe in ourselves to improve.

In Reading, we have been doing something called the Six Thinking Hats and reading a poem called Mounton Lion. The colours were wihte hat, yellow hat, black hat, red hat, green hat and blue hat. We had fun doing it.

In CBL we have been making a sustainable environment by making houses and other buildings from paper. We have a block of land
that we make a building or house on and we also make vegetable gardens and solar cars.

In our groups we have been making solar cars we needed a cardboard boxes, straws, bottle caps and Kebab sticks.


Human Threat Cause and Effect Chains

The actions that people take have consequences on our environment and on biodiversity. Sometimes they can be positive and sometimes they can be negative.

We decided to show these consequences by creating cause and effect chains. Each chain begins with a human action, such as farming animals, driving a car or putting solar panels on the roof. The next link then explains what might happen because of the first action, then the next link explains what might happen because of what happened in the second link. This goes on-and-on until we get to our end point, which is either a happy or sad ending for us humans and biodiversity.


If you are ever visiting in our classroom, please take the time to read our chains, see our hard work and maybe learn something yourself.

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