Performing Arts ~ Grevillea

We have finished off the term rehearsing our dances and finally filming them in front of the green screen. We have been practising ‘how to be a good audience’ and focused on ‘what good TEAMWORK looks, sounds and feels like’.


Students have been working in small groups to choreograph a dance. They have had to focus on a number of choreographic devices such as timing, cannons, locomotor movements, isolation and freestyle. They have been using an assessment matrix to assist in self reflection and peer feedback. Teamwork and how to work with others has been a big focus over the last couple of weeks as each group works out how to make the best use of their time and create their best dance together.


Dances are being filmed and preformed in front of other members of the class to give a realistic performance feel to their dance creation and to assist in self reflection and assessment.


Specialist Showcase Performing Arts

Wow, what a great night. It was so much fun interacting with the student’s and their families as they participated in a number of Performing Arts activities. Families were able to watch different classes performing on the TV’s, try a number of different drama and music activities, view our amazing talents and experiences on the many posters and create their own movie. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped on the night.





Totem pole Installation

We finally created our installation for the Specialist showcase and it looked amazing! The hardest part was working out how we wanted to arrange our work. We had to work together as a class and we decided that we were going to arrange them in order from largest to smallest. After taking some time to work this out we used blue tack to stand our totem poles on the tables. Did you see our work at the showcase? if not you can have a look at the pictures below and tell us what you think.

Specialist Showcase- Artrooms

We were so happy to see so many families come to see the work of students on display at the Specialist Showcase this year. Parents and students were able to come into the Art rooms and participate in a variety of activities such as mindfulness Mandala colouring, Pop Art murals painting, bubble art and experimental painting using mineral paper and inks. Everyone had a great time spending time together and making some very creative Art. Some of the Pop Art Murals from the night of the showcase still need some work. If you want to help finish them come to Art club during blue school timetable at lunchtime and give us a hand to finish them. See below for the pictures of what kids and families created.

Art Gallery – Specialist Showcase!

Were you at the Specialist Showcase last week?! It was a huge success and was fantastic to see so many parents coming down with us to see the highlights of our specialist classes. Hopefully you had a look at the Gallery while you were there because we had a great showcase of student work ranging from Term 1 to Term 3. It was like walking through a sea of colour and creativity! If you didn’t get a chance to see the gallery, or you want to see some of it again, check out the gallery pictures in this blog. There’s also some great pictures of some of us and our parents enjoying the art activities. It was pretty busy at times in the art rooms, so hopefully everyone who came a long had a chance to participate. Grade 1s and 2s had already done the activities in Miss Kirk’s room, so they were great teachers on the night to those of us that hadn’t done them before! In Miss Thomas’ room, there was painting happening for a secret picture, which she will shortly be revealing! Please enjoy these pictures!

4C Does Weeks 7 & 8!

Week 7 was Literacy and Numeracy week at ACPS, filled with exciting activities like coding, Bloxels, writing, and rich maths tasks. Week 8 was eSmart week, which was also packed with activities for our students to learn about being safe online.

Literacy & Numeracy Week: Choose Your Own Adventure
This is me, Rivindu, and Adriano’s Choose Your Own Adventure story. It was a really fun time making this book but there is still more pages to come I tried to work on the book as much as I can and I hope as I continue it will succeed. – Hassan

Literacy & Numeracy Week: Maths Rich Task
Students were challenged to survey their peers on reading preferences, interpret the data and identify the right text types, then select the books from a catalogue for a new classroom library–all within the budget of $300! Finally, students created a catalogue with a summary of their chosen texts. Everyone was very immersed and came up with some great results!

eSmart Week (Week 8)
We watched videos and movies about these kids who were giving away their personal information, like one them gave away their personal information and told his friend but it was really a 37-year-old man. In other one this girl wanted to download an app called quickpick like Facebook and her friend posted a photo of her spilling water on herself and it got shared around and she got really embarrassed.
We learnt never give away personal information about yourself online—your birthday, where you live, your address. You could also get hacked.
You will kidnapped and if you give some of your personal information the people can rob your house. – Taleisha, Ryan & Eliot

Puppy Visit
On the 8th of September, Friday, we heard a sound when we came inside the classroom. It was the sound of a puppy! We all rushed into the classroom to see. The puppy was a Shetland Sheepdog. Our teacher Mrs. Hall-Bowden had owned the puppy for only a week. Its name was Pàdraig. He is so adorable. We all wrote an information report about Shetland Sheepdogs, we summarised an information report that Mrs. Hall-Bowden wrote. We all had so much fun! -Mahrosh, Riley, Tenayah

On Friday morning Mrs H.B. brought her puppy in the class and it was so cute. He was so playful. We had a lot of fun playing with him his name was Pàdraig. Everyone was taking so many photos of him. His breed is Shetland Sheepdog (Sheltie) – Jake & Anmol


Week 8 – Reflections


On Monday we changed our class goal. Our new class goal is we will get along to get the job done. That means get the job done and work as  a team. We agreed that will be our goal, we will do this by respecting each other and returning property. – Y.K & A.B

We looked at our digital footprint and thought of ways to stay safe on the internet we learnt alot about cyber safety.-

Tuesday we made cyber safety videos to deliver a message about being safe online. We worked in groups and each covered a different area such as scamming, privacy, cyber bullying and so much more. -E.M, J.A & Z.C

Hi our names are Lola and Aaliyah.k and our buddy class had a red timetable assembly to attend.To watch the 1/2s and preps perform.we went to remind them of respectful when the classes are performing.-L.M and A.K

Throughout the week we have learnt about QAR, we made a song and this is how it go’s. Question, Answer, Relationship…Right there…stop, think, search…author and me…on my own, we added actions to it as well.   We read two stories and answered some different questions, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!- A.A

Our class started brainstorming some inventions this week, we watched little big ideas and kid inventions, this inspired us. We have started planning our ideas and next week we can make a blueprint. -A.A & G.O

For e-Smart week this week we worked with bloxels, we created our own e-smart hero and wrote up his characteristics and related them to the school values, we were having so much fun we didn’t want to stop. -A.Z & F.H

Today we had a prompt about what we are curious about in write on time people had great ideas! There were some like something is better than that, we convinced our teachers.-G.K and H.O

We hope you all had a great week- 3C



eSmart Week

This week is National eSmart Week, a week where we look into ways that we can help build Cyber Safe Communities.

3B have been curious about Social Media App Account Age Restrictions, Developing an eSmart Hero and using Coding to share Cyber Safety Messages.

Here are some of the thoughts from our class:


  • On eSmart Week we learnt the ages you had to be to have some Apps – Blessing
  • I learnt that I shouldn’t go on Apps that have an age limit of 13+, MA 15+, 18+ and others that are older than 9+ – Ali S
  • I learnt that lots of Apps are for 13+ or 18+ people – Nick
  • I learnt that you have to be 18+ to have a YouTube account or 13+ with parent permission – Ali B


ESMART HERO – Tuesday 5th September

  • We made eSmart Super Heros to help share messages about being safe while using technology. My eSmart Hero is Electric Girl. – Natalie
  • My hero stops hacks and viruses for people on their technological devices – Kaan
  • I learnt that you have to be different ages to have an account on different Apps. Most Apps are 13+, some are 18+ and we need our parents permission – Raidyn
  • My eSmart Hero is called Robotboy. He helps people who are getting hacked – Mohammad
  • My eSmart Hero saves people from getting bullied online, at school or anywhere – Mehul


ESMART CYBER SAFETY CODING – Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th September

  • Cyber Bullying is bullying online. We watched a video with 5 characters. The characters were pink, blue, green and purple iPads plus a bird. They told us not to share our passwords – Cooper
  • We used the App Scratch to code a digital message about never sharing your password – Isabella
  • While coding, I made a magic show with no Cyber Bullying allowed. My message was to be respectful online – Shrey
  • We were talking about online bullying and how people get bullied online – Blessing
  • I liked coding because on Scratch we had to put a message in. I put in images. It was fun! – Emerson
  • I learnt not to bully people online – Jaylen
  • I learnt more about coding from my friends when we made a message to not click on ads on websites – Blake
  • We did a coding session and made characters to do an eSmart message on Scratch Jr. We worked with 3D to the eSmart message – Abaan
  • We started to code in groups on Scratch Jr and we had to write a message. Our message was to not share your password. When we were finished we showed the class – Priya
  • I love coding because I like to use Scratch. Our message was not to post photos of other people without their permission – Makayla
  • Our group recorded our voices to help share the message. Our message was to not share your password – Onil
  • We made a cyber bullying story for eSmart Week. We showed different ways of when poeple are cyber bullying and what to do if it happens to you – Alycia
  • We chose our characters for the scene. We also had the message, never send your password to anyone – Mariah


We hope you have learnt something new that can help you be safer online!


eSmart Week!

Throughout this week, our class learnt about the smart and responsible use of technology as part of eSmart Week.

“This week I learnt that you can’t tell anyone your password even if they’re your best friend and they promise not to tell anyone, don’t tell them.” – Zain

“This week I learnt that online cyber bullying is really bad and that you should report them.” – Miguel

“This week I learnt thst you should never tell anyone your password.” – Aaron

“I made an eSmart hero that can stop people from cyber bullying.” – Alec

“This week I learnt that online bullying is really bad.” – Tiana

“This week I learnt about eSmart Week, it includes technology. We all got into a group and coded. We also made our own eSmart hero.” – Eeshal

“This week I learnt that you have to keep your password to yourself.” – Lucas

“Do not share your password.” – Aydin

“Don’t show anyone my password” – Mansirat

“Keep your security up to date.” – Jason

“We made an eSmart hero, mine was named Hero X.” – Elijah

“This week I learnt that you need to look after your passwords safe and I enjoyed making my eSmart hero even coding.” – Samia

“This week I made an eSmart hero that keeps people safe from cyber bullying.” – Briana

“This week I enjoyed coding with my group. We worked as a team.” – Maria

“This week I have learnt that you need to keep your passwords, usernames and accounts safe.” – Imogen

Book Week

Book Week Dress Up
On Tuesday, we could dress up as our favourite book character. We had a parade and called out some winners. Everyone’s costumes were amazing! We had Harry Potter, Dorothy, Matilda, Spring Trap, Willy Wonka and many more cool costumes. Our class made a narrative that was based on the topic ‘Escape to Everywhere’. In our stories we could use the character we were dressed up as.

Buddy Lunch
On Wednesday, we had lunch with our prep buddies but before we had our lunch we did an activity related to a shortlisted book called Gary. It was very FUN!

Open Session
On Thursday, parents/guardians came to our class to help our class do an activity related to a book from the future, ‘Mechanica’. It was about animals in the future and how the world had changed over time. Then we created our own animal of the future using pipe cleaners, balloons, pom poms, googly eyes, feathers, cups, bowls, paper clips, straws, foil and pegs. After that we wrote scientific journal descriptions about the animal we made.

Multicultural Lunch
On Friday, our class had a multicultural lunch. Everyone brought in a plate of food from their culture or a country they are curious about. Some of the food our class brought in were prawn crackers, lamingtons, rice, spring rolls, Lebanese bread with hummus and cucumber, brownies, cookies and many more tasty foods.

Written by Gurleen 4A

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