Maths Problem Solving

Each Thursday in 3E we have a problem solving lesson. This lesson allows us to apply the skills and knowledge we have gained through other maths lessons to an authentic problem. This week one of the problems we had to solve was the following:

Mr Katsikapis is planning for 2 new portable classrooms to be brought into the school for next year. However, only the legs for the chairs and tables have arrived and they look identical. There are 288 legs in total. How many chairs and how many tables might be in each room?

Can you work out the answer?

DON’T forget to follow the problem solving process, that is: understand the problem, think of a plan, do it and then check your answer.


We had so much fun playing with the parachute. Our buddies and us were swaying the parachute around and we had a ball in the middle.We had numbers and when Ms Smart called our number we had to run around the parachute.We had so much energy and it was super awesome.Everyone was having a blast. Then after we finished that game we had a little break then carried on.We had numbers again then when Ms Smart called our number we went under the parachute and had to find another spot that had a space.When we finished playing the games a lot of people were huffing and puffing. After our other break we went to our classroom and we got dismissed.

By Inaya and Clayton

Learning in 3D


“This week we have been learning about time, we’ve recently learnt how to tell the time to the minute” – Ansh and Samia

“Reading time by 5 minute intervals links to the 5 times tables” – Ansh

“We have been practicing our times tables and we are improving. Today I made it to the top of the leader board for the multiplication which I am proud of.” – Elijah

“At the start of the year I only knew o’clocks and now I know my half past/to, quarter past/to and time to the minute” – Kate

“During maths, we have been learning short division and we learnt a lot from it. We used multiplication to help us divide different numbers” – Lucas and Ansh


“I have enjoyed writing persuasive pieces during independent writing.” – Imogen

“I learnt how to write in a different point of view (third person) and I enjoyed publishing my work” – Samia

“I enjoyed writing and I nearly completed 4 pages of writing and I am proud” – Miguel

“We used onomatopoeia in our writing to make it more exciting” – Eeshal


“I enjoyed reading about science and making text-to-text and text-to-world connections” – Miguel

“We have been trying to improve our reading stamina by focusing on our independent reading, and graphing our time” – Aaron

“We have been practicing our expression through reader’s theater” – Aaron and Samia


“We have been learning about sustainability and global warming, and how to save electricity” – Tiana

“We have been participating with Miss Murray and Miss Kichacov’s class to make a sustainable community. Our topics are community council, architects, environmental monitors.” – Zain

“In our groups we have been planning and designing for our sustainable community” – Briana

Cup Week

Over the weekend, Jack broke his thumb. We thought his story about how he broke his thumb was a little boring so we decided to write exciting short stories instead. Check out some of our stories below.

One day Jack went with his mum to the shops. It was so boring staying there for hours and hours so he snuck the keys out of his mum’s bag and stole the keys to the car without his mum knowing. He ran into the car park and started to drive the car home, a cop started chasing him and Jack crashed the car and that’s how he broke his thumb. – Ahmed

One sunny morning Jack was at the park with his sister Caitlyn. He was swinging on the monkey bars but he stopped. “The bars are slippery,” he said so he went to the flying fox. As he was riding the flying fox the line snapped. Making the sounds as loud as a gibbon Jack fell off bending his thumb back. “Ouch” screamed Jack. – Zahna

We discovered that palm oil is diguised when labelled on products we use in our homes every day. We investigated labels and noticed palm oil is often labelled as vegetable oil, vegetable fat, palmitate, palm kernel oil and many others. We know that the production of palm oil in unsustainable ways is destroying the habitats of orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos. We encourage you to check the labels on your products and buy only certified sustainable palm oil products. Help save these endangered animals!

In math we have been learning about different ways to represent multiplication including arrays, pictures, repeated addition, algorithms, grid method, worded problems and inverse division facts. We have been recording our learning on a thinker’s board.

Performing Arts

This term we have been exploring Music in Performing Arts. As part of our CBL Big Idea, ‘Environment’ we have been looking at how music and can influence our feelings and represent different stories and places. We started the term with creating freeze frames in groups to express an environment that would suit different music played by the teacher. This included rock poses to suit upbeat rock music and calming activities to suit soothing music.

We then moved onto listening to a spooky song and creating atmospheric sounds to suit the environment. We used vocal effects and musical instruments such as bells, drums, tambourines, sticks and maracas to create sound effects to match the eerie song. We also listened to instrumental spooky music and brainstormed ideas for a scary story to present to the class while the music played in the background. We are looking forward to exploring environmental sounds further to compose different musical performances.

Miss Georgiadis – Performing Arts


3C Week 4

A kangaroo visit – by Taylor

Some kangaroos interrupted us in writing and we got really interested. We all crowded at the window before they left.

A visit with Sue deGennaro – by Sirat

This week on Wednesday we went to the Craigieburn library to meet with an illustrator named Sue. She made two books with Jackie French. One was ‘The Tomorrow Book’ that we read this term for our CBL Big Idea. She has been working for 10 years and has made 20 books. She even wrote a book on her own. It is called ‘Eddie Frogbert’. We did three drawings with her.

We were so excited when we realised we knew The Tomorrow Book! Sue told us all about how she used collage to make the pictures and only used paper from her kitchen – she bought no new paper at all to make the pictures. We have looked for the special bits of paper she told us about ….. there is part of her eTag envelopes, Telstra bills and other bits of scrap paper used in her collages in the book.

Have you ever met an author or illustrator? What books did they write or illustrate? Let us know in the comments!

~ 3C

Our adventure to meet an illustrator

On Wednesday the 1st of November the students in 3A went on an excursion to the Craigieburn Library. We were very lucky because we were given the opportunity to see a professional illustrator, Sue Degennaro. In the workshop she showed us how to draw a wombat carrying lots and lots of silly stuff. There was a TV, a tennis racquet, toothpaste(that was squirting out everywhere!), anddd toilet paper… which was coming from his trousers. Sue also told us to make our illustrations more interesting by not keeping everything in a straight line and being creative. We had so much fun and can’t wait to get better at drawing ourselves.

‘The trip was very enjoyable’ -Pranav
‘The illustrator was really nice and taught us how to draw’-John
‘The illustrator made us happy’ -Bilal
‘We learnt lots of cool techniques for drawing’ -Siddak

Written by 3A

3B’s recent learning!

Hi, we’re 3B and we are going to share with you our learning over the past few weeks. Our blog post includes our learning from Reading, Writing, Maths and CBL.


Reading – by Emerson, Saja, Mehul, Nick and Isabella

Today we are going to talk about what we have been doing in reading sessions. We have been looking at Cause and Effect and read texts  such as Horton Hears a Who and The Lorax to help us with understanding it. We looked at needs and wants while reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.


We have also been learning about Text to Self, Text to Text and Text to World.

Text to Self is when you connect a text to something that has happened in your life.

Text to Text is when you connect a text to another text.

Text to World is when you connect a text to something that has happened in the real world.

Writing – by Alycia, Natalie, Onil and Mohammad

We have been learning about lots of poems in writing. The poems we learnt how to write are: 5 senses poem, haiku poem and diamante poem. We found it tricky. Here are some examples:

Haiku                                                                Diamante  

We began group conferencing during writing. In group conferencing we had groups where we were able to help each other. We edited our writing and if we needed to add more detail or do the right structure we got Miss Murray to photocopy our work so we could cut it up and reorganise it or add more detail. Here is an example:

Before                                                                  After      

Maths – by Talia, Blake, Gabriel, Mariah and Abaan

In the last few week’s we have been learning about multiplication and division, and capacity.

In multiplication and division we learnt the link between them. Multiplication is groups of and division is sharing a value into groups. We used the book, The Doorbell Rang, to help us with this.

In capacity we looked at millilitres and litres. We learnt that a shower uses 8L per minute. A full flush of the toilet uses 9L of water and a half flush uses 4.5L of water. We also got to design out own Magic Potion and we had to use 6 ingredients to equal 600mL without any ingredients equalling exactly 100mL. We had to use our addition and subtraction knowledge to make sure we didn’t go under or over 600mL.


CBL – Shrey, Kaan, Ali S, Blessing and Jaylen

We have been leaning about sketchnoting, sustainable houses and deforestation. We have also been growing our own plants.

Sketchnoting is drawing and writing our learning. We watched some videos about suatainable housing and sketchnoted our thinking and learning.

We have also been learning about deforastation, which is, cutting down trees. The effect of this is animal habitats are getting destroyed and animals are dying.

Sustainable houses are houses that use solar panels, low energy usage, using reusable bags and using water tanks.

We also learnt that plastic bags harm the environment and that litter from our school can end up in the Great Pacific garbage path in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. The video we watched was:


We hope you have learnt something new just like us!

From 3B

We met an illustrator!

This week we went to Hume Library to meet an illustrator. Her name was Sue Degennaro. She taught us how to draw interesting characters such as a bear, a frog, a cat and a mouse. She showed us the importance of drawing shapes, shading and adding detail to our drawings. She also taught us how to bring the characters to life by placing the drawings in different positions and sizes to show movement. Changing a character’s facial expression can also change the story.

We asked Sue some questions about her job…

“How long does it take to illustrate a whole book?”  –  Sue “It takes 8 months to complete one book”

“How many books have you illustrated?” – Sue “I’ve illustrated 20 books”

“When did you start illustrating books?” – Sue “I started 10 years ago.”

We really enjoyed our time with Sue! 🙂 Here are some comments from students in our class.

“I really enjoyed illustrating” – Samia

“My favourite part was drawing the mouse and the cat” – Imogen

“I have improved with my drawings with her help” – Jason

“I’ve learnt how to draw different characters in different ways” – Kate

“I enjoyed the day, it was really amazing” – Maria

“I do art at home and I enjoyed learning new tips from Sue” – Ansh

“I’ve been very interested in drawing since I was 5 and Sue has helped me become more imaginative. She taught me the main parts of drawing” – Zain

“Sue helped me do different movements with my characters in drawing” – Lucas

“I enjoyed drawing the bear and the frog” – Briana

“I enjoyed drawing the bear because it was fun” – Aydin


Sue inspired us to draw interesting things in sketchnoting later that day. We sketchnoted information learnt about Global Warming and The Greenhouse Effect.

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