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In 4B Spanish and Art we have been collaborating and we had a really fun filled unit about masks, Carnaval and Spanish-speaking countries.

In Art each student was allocated a country (so we could represent all of the countries and not only the most famous ones). We observed the flags and we had to plan a design that represented in a way the flag of that country to paint and decorate our mask. We practised painting, mixing and detailing skills. We used different materials such as acrylic paint, glitter, gems, feathers, etc.

In Spanish we made signs to label our work. We researched the capital of the country we represented and described the colours of the flag.

Here are some pictures! You can see our finished work on display near Ms Murray’s office.

What do you think about our work?

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 1.34.31 pmIMG_1721 IMG_1729 IMG_1744

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In Year 4B we are participating in a pilot program in which our teachers Miss Kirk (art) and Señora Garcia (Spanish) are teaching us together and we are using a lot of instructions in Spanish as we are making máscaras / masks using different materials and representing the 21 Spanish-speaking countries.

The program is based in the pedagogic approach of CLIL (Content Language Integrated Learning), which means learning something new using the new language (Spanish).

This is a report from Mia and Lincoln from 4B:

It is more challenging than just Spanish or just Art, because we have to learn and use more words [in Spanish] to understand what to do and to ask questions.

If we continue doing the subjects this way we will probably learn a lot of words and get better at Spanish.

It has been a lot of fun making the masks and learning all the flags. We have also learnt a lot about Carnaval and how is celebrated and what using masks means in other cultures.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.44.36 pmproject


Students came up with a name for this subject, “Spart”.

Look forward to other CLIL units in term 2.

Mia, Lincoln y Señora Garcia

2 thoughts on “Art in Spanish!”

  1. Hi Miss Kirk, Miss Thomas and Mrs senora Garcia.
    The masks look very good and I think that did a good job on the masks. How many masks were made? The masks have a lot of detail and they look very colourful and bright. And I also like the things they put on their mask.

    From:Sienna 3/4A

    1. Sienna, I’d love to see you count all the masks on display outside Ms Murray’s office and let us know how many there are!

      Would you like us to do more Spanish in 3/4A’s Art class?

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