Gracias! Thanks for a fun Carnaval Week


Las week we had a fantastic time at ACPS showcasing our work in Art, Performing Arts and Spanish.

During Term 1 students were very dedicated and learnt songs, dances or organised displays.

On Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch time many students gathered at the courtyard to watch some performances and then have a dance. It was fantastic to see older students being so helpful and showing real leadership by undertaking some tasks, dancing and playing safely with younger students. Both days were a bit sunny and it was so much fun to dance outside!

Tuesday lunch time concert. It was a perfect day!

On Thursday we had our dress up parade! It was fantastic to see so many creative costumes!


James Fedoruk
Teachers brought their best costumes too! Mr Fedoruk is now a Spanish matador.

During session 5, the entire school got together at the Gym to enjoy some samples of the performances students from Red and Blue group have prepared. It was fantastic, all performers were enthusiastic and displayed their best work. students watching the performances also showed their school values by being attentive listeners and encouraging the performers by clapping and cheering. It was a great whole-school event. Thanks to the parents that attended the event.

The displays were colourful and everybody had a positive comment about how the gym looked.

Finally on Friday we held the first ACPS students vs staff soccer cup! Year 6 students played vs teachers and staff on a fantastic day to close a great week of events.

Blue group winners!
Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 2.35.51 pm
Red group match in action!

These are some comments from students about the week:

Daniela (4C): “The fiesta was very good. Everyone was prepared.”

Maewill (4C): “It was great that some people felt confident and happy to perform.”

Kayra (4C): “I was impressed with the Macarena and would have been good that people could copy standing on our spots.”

Jonty (4C): “I liked how everything run well and everyone did some artwork.”

Ana (2C): “I loved it because it was colourful and there was lots of music.”

Cooper (2C): “I loved how everyone did their performances really well.”

Lalit (2C): “I like when Bilal was dancing.”

Sarah (2C): I loved Cooper’s dancing.”

4 thoughts on “Gracias! Thanks for a fun Carnaval Week”

  1. dear senórita Garcia,
    I am pleased that you are happy about the Carnaval I hope you loved us helpers witch I mean Me,Zara,Nahida,Maalik,Damika,Lola,Jiya,Estina,and other students and teachers.

    Love Irem

  2. Go blue group miss Muscat your the best teacher slash soccer player evergood job to the other players in blue

    Yay yay yay yay yay

  3. Hola Irem,
    Gracias por tus comentarios. Thank you for your comments. Of course I loved all the helpers both during the day and during the entire term! Students coming to art club, rehearsing their songs, organising costumes, or people like you who volunteered their time to put together something fantastic!
    Did you like performing?
    Señora Garcia.

  4. Dear everyone I love Spanish because to learn new words in different teachers luggage and we also play some Spanish games to play it is fun and also going in team you can make other just bye working like a team and it also teamwork amazing

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