Discovering schools in Mexico and Spain


La escuela

This term we have been learning words to describe our school, school subjects and materials we use at school. In Year 4, we have been discovering what subjects are thought in the school Colegio Luis Vives in Valencia, Spain. Mapa_territorios_España2

We also discovered things about the school Escuela Primaria Saturnino Herrán in Ciudad de México (Mexico City), in Mexico.


La comida

Valencia, España.

We discover people at this school eat a lot of mortadella, salami and ham.

File_000 File_001 File_002 File_003 File_005 File_006 File_007

Ciudad de México, Mexico.

In Mexico, students bring their own lunches, but the school has a small cooperative (canteen) were fruit icicles, fruit drinks and typical foods are sold. Here is a picture of tostadas (hard flat tortillas) and tacos with different toppings.

tacos tostadas

We sent some pictures of the lunches we have at school and labelled them in Spanish for our friends to be able to read them:

IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1305

We found out that the school year in Mexico and in Spain finished in June. We wish all the best to our new friends.

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  1. Hi there
    Spanish is a great language to learn and discover, I’m having lots of fun in my Spanish class.

    From sida

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