Buddies Learning to Code

Yesterday as part of our Buddies lesson, Freddie Gibson (ACPS Digital Leader) and I volunteered to take a session on how to code and make your own game using the app, Hopscotch. We enjoyed sharing what we know and love about coding with other students. What we found challenging was remembering the code for the game in front of a large group of students and making sure all our classmates and buddies were listening and following instructions. We hope to take on another coding session with our classmates in the near future.

By Lola Furnell  (ACPS Digital Leader and Tech Girls)


One thought on “Buddies Learning to Code”

  1. Hi Lola,

    What an amazing leadership role you took on with Freddie for this session! Congratulations on being confident enough to share what you know with your peers and your buddies. I really enjoyed reading your reflection on what was difficult as well as what you enjoyed.

    I really hope you are able to lead another session soon. I look forward to hearing how that one goes as well.

    From Ms Huntly

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