Changes in the seasons

The year 3 &4 students have been hard at work creating drawings that depict the changes in the seasons. They created artworks that change when viewed from different angles. They have done an amazing job with their drawings and should be extremely proud of them. Here are some examples form 3 D.



One thought on “Changes in the seasons”

  1. Hi , Really cool Miss Thomas , thanks for teaching us your tricky art skills , this year 2016 , can’t wait to do some more difficult hard looking art work or art sheets, the year has gone really quick grade 3 was probably Ok but … To be honest Prep was Sooooooooooo GOOD! I hope , hope we will have you next year grade 4 2017. BUT … just remember EVEN IF I’M NOT, i’ll be in the same school learning new skills like you every day for you , BUT … Once a week for me .

    My favourite Quote:
    Just remember if your not smiling your doing it wrong

    ❤️❤️❤️Have a happy new year

    Would you like two be in red group or blue group in 2017 ?

    What was you favourite Artwork we did in 3D ?

    Seriously Alara 3D

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