4C’s Check In and Check Outs

Check in and Check out is when we can share our emotions in the mornings and afternoons because if you are sad no one else has to know.

We go onto the internet and Check in and Check out on the iPads. We constructed a Google Form which asks us ‘How are we feeling?’ and ‘Do you want to talk about it?’.

We complete it in the morning and afternoons.

From Jake and Cayden

One thought on “4C’s Check In and Check Outs”

  1. Hi 4C,

    I love the idea of checking in and out using a Google form! Is everyone in the class able to see how people are feeling so they can help if someone is feeling low? Or are the results for your teacher to see only?

    Thinking about how you are feeling is an excellent way of approaching your learning. I look forward to hearing more about it later in the year!

    ~ Ms Huntly

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