4C’s Week Reflections

Hi Parents and Friends,


In CBL, 4C has been learning about the big idea ‘Identity’. We have been showing our learning identities with the world through Twitter. Our identity can be in many different forms, from eye colour to our whole life. Identity is one of the things that vary from one person to another. We learnt this by doing many activities to study identity – From Rivindu and Tomaia.

Write On Time

We are using our Write On Time books to help us write about images, videos and sounds. When we brainstorm we connect our ideas to get an image in our head. We write the first things that it reminds us of and make word connections with these. We are able to choose different text types to write. Here is the link to our stimulus this week- From Anmol and Ava.


Some of us are focusing on reading at a smooth pace. If you don’t know what that means it is when you read like you are talking. This is our goal because some of us read really fast and some talk slow, like a robot. We hope to achieve our goal – From Tenayah, Stella, Ayan, Eliot and Riley.


We have been doing spelling investigations recently we have been working on ‘tion’, ‘sion’ and ‘cian’ words. We looked around the classroom and looked in books for words. We learnt new and interesting words for our word wall and write. The ‘cian’ words were really interesting to look for because they were the hardest to find. We found out that they all linked to occupations – by Mahrosh, Layla and Brahmleen.


We have been learning to form numbers in lots of different ways. These include word form, expanded form, base 10 form and worded base form. As a whole class we reconstructed a 100’s chart to demonstrate our knowledge of place value. We had to crack the code of symbol meaning to make a 100’s chart.


In Spanish this week we have been learning to know about each other using a puzzle and iPads to communicate our Identity. During Art we have been colouring our names in and making them into sculptures. In Performing Arts we have been working on plays that represent our holidays. For PE we have been going to the tennis club and developing our tennis skills – From Jake and Josh.

From 4C 😎


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