My identity sculptures

In year 3&4 Art we have been busy creating paper sculptures using the letters of our names. We have explored design elements such as Line, shape, colour and texture to create designs that represent how we see ourselves. We created drawings using the design elements that we think show our personalities. Colours, lines and and shapes all have a way of expressing our feelings and these feelings are part of our identity. We used paper, hot glue, pencils and markers to complete our fantastic identity sculptures. It was hard building them because we had to balance all our pieces on top of each other and that took time and patience. We think we have done an amazing job. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “My identity sculptures”

    1. Thanks Daniela for commenting on our Art, we really love to show off what we create and also like to hear what you think of our work. Please keep watching our Art posts, we are sure you will love our creative art works!

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