Amazing Bloxels

Hi Parents and Friends,

We have been using some new digital equipment to help our learning. Ms Kingsley introduced us to Bloxels.

Bloxels are blocks that you place in a grid and scan it to create your own game.

During Reading we asked some questions that we had about Bloxels. We then independently explored the website to find out how to use them. We recorded important information about how to use them in our reading journals so we could refer back to it at another time.


From here we then used a 100’s chart to colour code our own games. We had to think about all the different types of blocks we could use, such as terrain, coins, hazards, enemies, water, exploding block, story blocks and power ups. Once we were finished we needed to create a tally and then graph how many of each colour block we used to construct our game.


From here we moved into writing a procedure on how to construct our game. We needed to use 100’s chart positions to explain to the reader where to place the colour blocks. For example: place a coin block in the 100’s chart position of 26, 27, 28 & 29.

We then gave our writing to a partner who read our procedure back to us while we followed the instructions to build it. This allowed us to think about if our instructions were clear for a reader to understand. Once constructed it was time to play!!!!!

Check out the Bloxels app to construct your own Bloxels game!

From 4C! 😎

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