CBL Solution Update

In 3A we have been working hard on coming up with a solution for our challenge ‘Celebrate Identity and Culture.’ As we have learnt throughout the term, the Australian identity is a mix of different people, so we wanted to celebrate the differences that our society has.

So here is our idea.
We are going to create some sort of installation, a giant board of sorts, to put up somewhere in a public (hopefully) space. On the board “Who Are You?” will be displayed and members of the general public can come up and write something about themselves. We are now in the planning stage and the class have split up into four groups to investigate how we approach each part of the solution.

The four groups are:
1. Working examples and introductory poster.
2. Materials, including cost, usability and appropriateness.
3. Where it can be set up.
4. Approval- who we need to ask.

You can see us working hard in our groups in the photos.

Mr Borrell

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