Stars against Violence and Bullying

Today we spent time attempting a very challenging task – making stars from the One Million Stars project. This was part of the Bullying No Way! national day on Friday last week. The One Million Stars project promotes zero violence and aims to stop bullying and promote a positive and peaceful world society.

We had 5/6A come over and be our guides to make the stars. They made them on Friday and were experts. We watched a video to help us with the instructions – some of us kept stopping and starting the video as we were making our stars to help us. Others followed a hard copy version of the instructions.

Here are some pictures of us working with our Year 5/6 expert guides on our stars:

The stars were very hard to make – a lot of us thought they were challenging! But even though they were hard, we kept working at it. Some of us even had to start again from the start! However we all agreed it was a lot of fun making these stars even though it was difficult.

Have a go and see if you can make a star like we did. Post a picture of your star if you do and let us know how you went!


2 thoughts on “Stars against Violence and Bullying”

  1. Thanks Nia! We had so much fun making these.
    Thanks for reading and commenting as well.
    Have you tried to make these stars? They were very tricky but with our helpers we managed to get through the steps and the stars turned out really spectacular!

    From Ms Huntly

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