4A’s Amazing Learning

In 4A we have been learning lots of new things. Our big idea this term has been identities are continually changing and are influenced by place, space and time.

In Maths, we have learning about place value, recording numbers in various ways and renaming numbers. On Fridays we chanllenge ourselves with automatic recall of multiplication and division facts. We are improving each week.

In Reading, we have been learning about read and respond. Read and respond is when you read, think and respond. We have also been learning about questions to ask while reading. Questions about the text, authors purpose, monitoring yourself, inferring, summarising and main idea and connections to the text.

In Writing, we have been learning about the different types of texts, narratives and poems. sizzling starts. They help us with free writing sessions and Write On Time. We have also been learning about the writing process and giving feedback.

In CBL, our challenge has been to celebrate identity and culture. We are planning a multicultural day with our prep buddies as our solution.

In Buddies, we have been positive role models by working in teams, using our imaginations and supporting our buddies to do well at school.

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