Play Pod

On Thursday 30th March we went to the play pod for a session. We had a lot of fun. We were playing games, building things like tents, trampolines, castles, houses, school, slides, forts and a camp. Most people wanted to have a spin in the barrels.

There were tin cans, blankets, fake grass, a doll,  a suitcase, semi circle boards that rocked, chairs, wheels, barrels, tables, noodles, scrap, nets, cushions and a welcoming spider that was very quickly squashed by Ms Huntly.

We used team work and worked in groups of two, three, four and five. We showed our school values and were respectful to each other, responsible with the equipment and followed teacher directions when we had to pack up. Even though we did not want to pack up because we were having so much fun (even though it was a little bit windy and chilly). We can’t wait to go for another session tomorrow morning.

Check out these photos we took:

Did you like our experience? Let us know what you think of our play pod!

~ 3C

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