4C’s Term 2 so far…..

We have jumped straight into learning in Term 2. Here of some of the things that 4C have done.

Are you being a Wally with water?

We were given a task on Showbie to complete. The purpose of the task was to read a water bill and find out if you are being ‘water wise’ or a ‘Wally with water’.  We had to look at the water bill and find out different information that it was telling us. The first thing we had to find out was how much water we used daily. We needed to find out if we were using too much water or a perfect amount of water. We found this challenging as many of us had never looked at a water bill before. We really loved doing the activity because it was fun and challenging.

Eliot, Josh, Cayden and Adriano

How old will you be in 2030? What kind of world do you want to live in?

In  2030 I will be 23 years old. The world I want to live in will be full of flying cars and diamonds will be easy to find as I would have developed my own diamond detector. I will be very rich and will be able to have anything I want (Miss Kingsley told me to “remember who your grade 4 teacher was”).  I also want Pokemon to be real and science will be better where we will be able to develop better things. The shoes we will be wearing will not have laces however magnets will replace laces making shoes easy to get on and off.


Community Walk

4C and 4A went outside the school on a community walk to see the outside world, nature and to find out what makes a community. We needed to notice what developments are happening in our community and why they are happening. We predicted what Craigieburn looked like 10 years ago and what the paddocks across from the school might look like in 5 years and why they will look like that. We noticed the population of Craigieburn is increasing and many young families are moving to the area. We walked all the way down to the library, past the Splash centre , Sprint athletic track. We all made it back very tired!

Ayan & Ryan

Survival Journals

Every term is a new challenge and every new challenge is a new journal to write. Our journals are where we write our answers and thoughts about the ‘Big Idea’. Ms Kingsley challenged us to try using a different App to record our wondering in. We discovered a new App called Keynote which is an Apple App. It has similar features to Powerpoint and Google slides. The best thing about Keynote is that is has exclusive Apple features which allow us to animate our writing and photos. In our journals we write about different things that relate to survival such as animals, food, water, etc.

Layla’s Survival Journal

Layla & Kashyap

Gender Equalities

Some of the girls have realised that gender equality is not equal. Women have been treated with less respect than men. We girls also realised that there has not been many women leaders in parliaments. In the olden days women could not go out but men were able to. Female teachers were unable to marry and if they did they were immediately dismissed. Society has traditionally expected women to stay home and take care of the house. We need to take a stand women! GIRLS NEED RESPECT.

Mahrosh, Tenayah, Brahmleen & Samreen

We were presented with books on our table with the question ‘What do you notice about these books?’. After looking through the books we found out that most of the main characters were boys! We also found out author from Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling was told by her editor to write her name using only initials so that when people went to buy the book they did not know that she was a girl. If you are wondering her name is Joanne.

Ava, Stella and Yas

What will our world look like in 2050?

We had a big class discussion around technology that might come about in 2050. Some theories were flying cars, teleporters and time machines. There were lots of various ideas. after we had our discussion we recorded our own theories in our CBL journals.

What do you think our world will look like in 2050?

Rivindu & Uzair


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