3E’s Week of Learning!

This week we have been doing lots of fun things in 3E!


In Maths, we have been looking at adding tens, hundreds and thousands together. On Monday, we made a grid with different numbers on it. We then rolled a dice. The number on the dice told us how many numbers we had to add together in our grid. We coded the Beebot to move over these numbers and then added them together, either in our head or on paper.


In Reading, we have been learning about persuasive techniques. In the last few weeks, we have read many opinion texts, watched TV advertisements and have analysed a variety of different persuasive posters.


This week we have been writing our own persuasive text. On Thursday, we got into groups and had to prepare a presentation to convince Miss Ashby why our group deserved 10 minutes of free time. Many of the groups included inclusive language, high modality verbs and interesting words in their presentation. Congratulations to Keiana, Batu and Anna for being the most persuasive group and winning 10 minutes of free time!

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