Dewey Decimal System

In our recent trips to the school library we have been looking at how the space is set up and how we can find books.

We know that in our library we have fiction chapter books in one section and picture story books in another section. These books are organised in alphabetical order using the surname of the author. So, if we wanted to find a book by Andy Griffiths we would look under the letter ‘G’ for Griffiths and if we wanted to find one by Roald Dahl we would look under ‘D’ for Dahl.

What about non-fiction books? When we are looking for these types of books we want to look for a particular topic, not the author.

This is where the Dewey Decimal System comes into it.

Watch this video from Bentley Media Centre to find out more…

When we went to the library we practised using the Dewey Decimal System to find the category numbers for a variety of books on different topics. We even saw that our library has the same categories written on posters at the end of each non-fiction aisle.

We were also impressed to see that Mrs. Patterson can remember many of the category numbers off by heart. Maybe with practice we’ll be able to do that too!

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