Reflecting on our Learning

Maths with Spheros

During maths over the last few weeks we have used Spheros (robots which can be coded with an algorithm). We needed to find out what a square meter was (1m2). We used the apps Tickle and Lab to control the spheros. We has to make 1 square metere in the app using an algorithm. We experimented using speed, time, angles and degrees. The sphero can be coded to change colour when you clap.

It was really challenging! Check out our video here.


From Ayan, Jake, Riv and Ryan

House Design

In maths we have been employed as an architect and we have been given the challenge to design a dwelling for a family, couple or single.  We were aloud to have 504 square metres for our design. We learnt that a dwelling is another name for a house.  Our class used the Spheros to measure a square meter and used a measuring wheel on the oval to see how big our house would look like.

Tomaia, Kashyap and Eliot

Education Week

Better Buddies Day

On Wednesday the 24th May we had Better Buddies Day. This is when we dress up in purple and spend time with our buddies. We made a dance that used PE and Performing Art.

We also made rain shakers that made sounds like the rain. In Spain and Chile they believe that when you shake it the rain will fall. These are what they look like.

We also had to bring $1 coin donation which went to the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. You can find out more about their charity here.

Open Morning

In Education week on Thursday we had an open morning. During the open morning we did the ‘Maths Challenge’. Children, parents and guardians were all helping out. The challenge we took on was the ‘Make the Most Challenge’. In the ‘Make the Most Challenge’ you were given 19 icy pole sticks and you had to make the most shapes using the  sticks. The shapes were not allowed to share a common side. What shape do you think will allow you to make the most shapes?

Cayden, Harsha and Abeel

Nude Food

Friday the 26th of May 2017 has been Nude Food Day. We were not supposed to bring plastic bags or wrappers. We were allowed to bring peels because they might help the environment. On Nude Food Day you could wear your house colours such as; red, green, orange and blue. You could bring nude food easily by using a lunch box that has containers. Try to bring nude food EVERYDAY!!!! 😀

By Ali, Mahrosh, Josh and Adriano

Reading Fluency

In 4C we have been practicing our reading fluency. We have been learning about and creating a fluency rubric. We have come strategies that we explored. The strategies are rate, phrasing , stress and pausing. We have been using the strategies to help us in reading. It especially helps people that read fast or slow.

By Yas, Ava and Brahmleen

UN Goals

We have been learning about the 17 UN goals. All these goals will help transform our world and make it a better place. We can all help recreate our world. We can all help empower our life by changing equality, climate change and having less poverty.

Check out the link to the 17 UN Goals. You can help the world be sustainable.

From Stella, Samreen and Oneli

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