Good Health and Wellbeing – UN Sustainability Goal 3

Hello, our names are Alycia and Blessing from 3B.

We are going to give you some information about Good Health and Wellbeing and how you can help!

We decided to look into Good Health and Wellbeing because we wanted to learn more about it.


Do you know that if you eat junk food you can get obesity? Obesity is not a good thing as it can lead to heart disease or Type 2 Diabetes.

You can reduce the chance of obesity by swapping junk food for healthier options.

Here are some information sheets to help you make healthy choice:

Reading Food Labels


Portion Sizes for Children


Healthy Food Groups


Portion Sizes For Adults


Games for the children (computer needed):

Food Balance Game –

Weigh Up Your Lunch –


I hope you can join us in making healthier choices with the food we eat!

Alycia and Blessing

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