Hi our names are Ali and Shrey.

We are working on C.B.L and our goals are Climate Action and Life Below Water.

Together we made this blog post to persuade people.

This is the information we listed.

  • Petrol burns in cars and the pollution destroys the ozone layer and that lets in the sun rays and the temprature gets hot and ocean animals go endangered.
  • Pollution leaves a gas called sulfur dioxide wich goes in the clouds and fills it with sulfuric acids an d when the water falls out it pollutes oceans and plants.
  • We should only use buses,trains and bikes so their is a lower amount of cars on the road.
  • Pollen and dust can pollute as well.
  • Pollution  can leave cancers and viruses.

What we can do to help…

  • walk to school.
  • ride a bike.
  • put your rubbish in the right bins

Thank you for reading this.

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