What the campers and non-camper got up to during week 7

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends,

During week 7 some of our students attended camp at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp where they participated on lots of fun and exciting activities. The Non-Campers did not miss out on this fun either and did lots of fun activities back at school.


Slime and Outdoor Games

In the non-campers program we did some cool things like playing games outside and making slime. The slime was not any ordinary slime it was OBLECK. It was a mixture of cornflour and water. When you try and make a ball it becomes solid, when you let it go it turns into liquid.

For outside games we played dodgeball and poison ball. It was really fun and it also taught us to work as a team and cooperate.

Stella & Brahmleen

Pizza Muffins and PE

For the non-campers program we made pizza muffins. We could add any toppings that we liked that were available. There were mushrooms, capsicum, mozzarella, pineapple, ham, avocado, etc. When we took out first bite we were amazed by the scrumptious taste. We also did PE we had to do wall sits and make our own fitness circles. We leant that a fitness circle is a group of activities. It was super fun and we really enjoyed it.

Kashyap, Josh and Abeel

Spheros and Performing Arts

We used the Spheros and were asked to make a maze. Once we had made the maze we needed to write code to get the Spheros out of our mazes. During Performing Art we did KungFu dance as a warm up and we  did Mime Relay. Mime relay is when two teams verse each othe. The first two people in each team get asked to act something out. When their guesses it correctly they receive a point. We also played Limbo. We had lots of fun.

Adriano, Salim and Ryan

Movie and Bloxels

We had a chance to use the Bloxels to make characters, we could work in partners or individually. Most people worked in partners. You could make any character that you wanted.

We watched a movie called Free Willy. It linked to survival because the boy was trying to help the whale survive. We found it emotional. We did have popcorn but unfortunately we did not have any toppings on it!


Flying Fox and Hut Building

Some of the activities that campers participated in were hut building and the flying fox. Hut building is where you had sticks around you and the challenge was you needed to build a hut where you could all fit.

When doing the flying fox we first got harnessed up ready to safely climb up the platform where we were to take off. We were harnessed onto a rope and then jumped (or got pushed) off the platform. We zoomed down the cable till we reached the end.

Cayden & Eliot

Giant Swing and Movie Night

We had a go on the giant swing. It was 18 metres high. It was really cool and fun. Some people found it scary and others found it exciting. On the second night of camp we watched ‘Finding Nemo’. We brought down our sleeping bags and pillow, some of us fell asleep.

Tenayah, Ayan and Taleisha

Talent Show and Archery

For the talent show a group of boys (including Jake) were sleeping bag worms. Riley and Taleisha got up in front of the whole camping group and each sang a song. This took great courage! As we looked around the room we began to feel like movie stars. So many students and teachers had cameras out recording us.

For archery a lot of us thought that it was going to be easy, but when we actually had a go it was challenging. Some people were accurate enough to get a bullseye and others missed it completely! It was good to see everyone having a go.

Ava, Riley and Jake

Kaos and Our Duty Groups

Kaos is an activity where you and your partner read a map to find letters which make a sentence. For both red and green groups the sentence read ‘By the big tyre’. It was lots of fun. We had to stay connected with a wrist band (which were like handcuffs). It was challenging because the letters were well spread around the campsite. What made it harder was the whole place was very environmental (lots of trees and leaves around).

Each team had duties to do. The things you had to do were; before eating set up the cutlery, put out the drinks and cups. After  everyone had eaten the group needed to clean up. This meant wiping the tables, vacuuming the floor and making sure all dishes were in the kitchen. Our parent helpers were amazing in the kitchen cleaning all of our dishes after every meal!

Circus Arts and Some Free Time

Circus Arts was when there was equipment spread around the room. We needed to use the different equipment to make a performance which tricks and circus skills. Some of the props we had were spinning bowls, Japanese Yo Yo’s, stretchy elastic, juggling sticks and balls and ribbons. We needed to improvise and perform in front of our groups to show which tricks we could do.

During free time we were able to do anything! There was a trolley full of equipment. Lots of us choose to play basketball and many of us showed how good we were at skipping and hula hoops (including the teachers).


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