BAR Thinker’s Key

In CBL we have been looking at the amazing inventions that people have come up with and how many of them started as what were thought of as crazy ideas. We have also looked at how many items we have today have come about from improving upon something that already exists.

We decided to have-a-go with making something new from what already exists by using the BAR Thinker’s Key, which is a creative way to make an object better.

Each letter in BAR stands for something else.

B: Bigger. Take something that is already on your object at make it bigger.

A: Add. Add a new feature to your object.

R: Replace. Get rid of something from your object that you may no longer need and put something else in its place.

An example of this is the iPhone. It has been around for a few years now BUT the screen has gotten Bigger, a second camera has been Added and the old charger has been Replaced with a smaller one.

Here are some of the amazing and creative ideas we came up with for everyday objects. We have put all of them into a book in our classroom if you would like to come and see more!


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