Weekly Reflection


This week we started Junior master chef, each of us had to choose a recipe from a country we were curious about or a country we were from. We wrote up the recipe and had to make sure it served at least 4 people. We then needed to list the ingredients, we needed at least 5 ingredients and had to find them on the Coles website. – AA, LM & TS

We had a fathers day stall this week where we got to go and get presents for our Dads, we think they will be happy with their gifts. -GO & JM

On Thursday we went to 3A’s classroom to explore static electricity. We paired up and started to experiment, we had to use apps on our Ipad and set our pages out with predictions, observations and explanations. Some of us rubbed the ballon on our hair  and others did it on a cloth we then wanted to see if it would attract the salt nd foil, it did! – HS  &  YK

We finished Diary of a wimpy kid. Some of us would like to read part 2 but we voted and are now started Harry Potter. Diary of the wimpy kid was funny , the part with the cheese was disgusting on the basketball court. It took weeks to complete the book, the book was really funny.

On the 1st of September we did problem solving. We had to underline key words in order to solve the problems. -JA & ZC

On Friday we got to look at positive and negative emotions. We had a session where we had to put negative and positive emotions, we traced a person on one side we had negative emotions and the other was positive for in the classroom and the playground. We had high level answers like ecstatic and fuming. Some of us got to share our posters and others kept it to themselves which is fine. -OA & ER

This week we did readers theatre, it was fun. readers theatre is a play where we don’t need to remember the lines and do actions, it’s all about expression! and having fun. We use our team work skills and sow each other respect by listening to out class mates. Do you want to try readers theatre? – SS

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