eSmart Week

This week is National eSmart Week, a week where we look into ways that we can help build Cyber Safe Communities.

3B have been curious about Social Media App Account Age Restrictions, Developing an eSmart Hero and using Coding to share Cyber Safety Messages.

Here are some of the thoughts from our class:


  • On eSmart Week we learnt the ages you had to be to have some Apps – Blessing
  • I learnt that I shouldn’t go on Apps that have an age limit of 13+, MA 15+, 18+ and others that are older than 9+ – Ali S
  • I learnt that lots of Apps are for 13+ or 18+ people – Nick
  • I learnt that you have to be 18+ to have a YouTube account or 13+ with parent permission – Ali B


ESMART HERO – Tuesday 5th September

  • We made eSmart Super Heros to help share messages about being safe while using technology. My eSmart Hero is Electric Girl. – Natalie
  • My hero stops hacks and viruses for people on their technological devices – Kaan
  • I learnt that you have to be different ages to have an account on different Apps. Most Apps are 13+, some are 18+ and we need our parents permission – Raidyn
  • My eSmart Hero is called Robotboy. He helps people who are getting hacked – Mohammad
  • My eSmart Hero saves people from getting bullied online, at school or anywhere – Mehul


ESMART CYBER SAFETY CODING – Wednesday 6th & Thursday 7th September

  • Cyber Bullying is bullying online. We watched a video with 5 characters. The characters were pink, blue, green and purple iPads plus a bird. They told us not to share our passwords – Cooper
  • We used the App Scratch to code a digital message about never sharing your password – Isabella
  • While coding, I made a magic show with no Cyber Bullying allowed. My message was to be respectful online – Shrey
  • We were talking about online bullying and how people get bullied online – Blessing
  • I liked coding because on Scratch we had to put a message in. I put in images. It was fun! – Emerson
  • I learnt not to bully people online – Jaylen
  • I learnt more about coding from my friends when we made a message to not click on ads on websites – Blake
  • We did a coding session and made characters to do an eSmart message on Scratch Jr. We worked with 3D to the eSmart message – Abaan
  • We started to code in groups on Scratch Jr and we had to write a message. Our message was to not share your password. When we were finished we showed the class – Priya
  • I love coding because I like to use Scratch. Our message was not to post photos of other people without their permission – Makayla
  • Our group recorded our voices to help share the message. Our message was to not share your password – Onil
  • We made a cyber bullying story for eSmart Week. We showed different ways of when poeple are cyber bullying and what to do if it happens to you – Alycia
  • We chose our characters for the scene. We also had the message, never send your password to anyone – Mariah


We hope you have learnt something new that can help you be safer online!


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