A fun first week!

It’s our first blog post for Term 4! Yay!

On the first day of school this week we really loved seeing our friends again after the holidays. We had missed them and our teacher a lot!


This week Ms Huntly showed us how to get onto our school email accounts. Today on Gmail we were practising writing emails and sending them to Ms Huntly. We are doing this so we can talk to our pen pals in America more quickly, instead of sending letters which can take weeks. Some of our thoughts on using our emails:

  • exciting
  • lots of fun
  • amazing
  • good experience
  • new for some people
  • awesome

On Monday we looked on Google Earth and saw the school that our pen pals go to in Colorado (America). We started putting together a video about our school to send to them and we will post this on our blog next week when it is done. Here is a screenshot of their school from Google Earth:


Our CBL Big Idea this term is ‘Sustainability’. We talked about the environment and all the things we knew about and wondered about. Our class definition of sustainability is growing but we have found so far that it means the world needs to keep going how it is – everything needs to continue to work so we can have food, water and clean air without pollution.

‘The Tomorrow Book’ was read in class and is about a prince that saw the outside world was not as good as inside the books he read. His world was dark and polluted. The prince solves people’s problems by giving them suggestions on how to use materials to fix things. For example, some of the people complained there was not enough water left to fill their pool so the prince suggested they collect water from the roof to reuse.


During our session with 3A this week we explored the website NASA Climate Kids. We compared it to a website made for adults and decided the Climate Kids website was made for kids – it has lots of colour, cool pictures such as the earth with eyeballs, the tabs are different shapes, there were games and things to do and the facts are written in kid speak. We spent some time watching videos, playing games and reading some very interesting facts.


We have been learning about division this week. Division is sharing equally. We have been practising our strategies for division and found these are very similar to multiplication strategies. Some of us are learning to use the division algorithm.


Our buddies came to visit us in our classroom and we made Venn diagrams with them about our holidays.  We also had our first library visit for the term to choose some interesting good fit books for our book boxes.

See you next time!



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