Cup Week

Over the weekend, Jack broke his thumb. We thought his story about how he broke his thumb was a little boring so we decided to write exciting short stories instead. Check out some of our stories below.

One day Jack went with his mum to the shops. It was so boring staying there for hours and hours so he snuck the keys out of his mum’s bag and stole the keys to the car without his mum knowing. He ran into the car park and started to drive the car home, a cop started chasing him and Jack crashed the car and that’s how he broke his thumb. – Ahmed

One sunny morning Jack was at the park with his sister Caitlyn. He was swinging on the monkey bars but he stopped. “The bars are slippery,” he said so he went to the flying fox. As he was riding the flying fox the line snapped. Making the sounds as loud as a gibbon Jack fell off bending his thumb back. “Ouch” screamed Jack. – Zahna

We discovered that palm oil is diguised when labelled on products we use in our homes every day. We investigated labels and noticed palm oil is often labelled as vegetable oil, vegetable fat, palmitate, palm kernel oil and many others. We know that the production of palm oil in unsustainable ways is destroying the habitats of orangutans, tigers, elephants and rhinos. We encourage you to check the labels on your products and buy only certified sustainable palm oil products. Help save these endangered animals!

In math we have been learning about different ways to represent multiplication including arrays, pictures, repeated addition, algorithms, grid method, worded problems and inverse division facts. We have been recording our learning on a thinker’s board.

One thought on “Cup Week”

  1. Such creative writing and what wonderful imaginative stories Ahmed and Zahna…well done! Far more interesting than the real story, that’s for sure.

    Next time I go dragging Jack around the shops for hours on end, I’ll be sure to keep my car keys in my hand!

    I’ll also have to mention to Caitlin, not to let Jack play on the monkey bars!

    Wendy (Jack’s Mum)

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