Maths Problem Solving

Each Thursday in 3E we have a problem solving lesson. This lesson allows us to apply the skills and knowledge we have gained through other maths lessons to an authentic problem. This week one of the problems we had to solve was the following:

Mr Katsikapis is planning for 2 new portable classrooms to be brought into the school for next year. However, only the legs for the chairs and tables have arrived and they look identical. There are 288 legs in total. How many chairs and how many tables might be in each room?

Can you work out the answer?

DON’T forget to follow the problem solving process, that is: understand the problem, think of a plan, do it and then check your answer.

3 thoughts on “Maths Problem Solving”

  1. Hi,3E

    We do problem solving every Friday. We sometimes play a class game on Friday. I like how you added the problem solving process.

    From Sirat 3C

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