Environment- Green bag designs

This term we have been looking at environmental issues in Art to come up with designs for our own environmentally friendly green bag. First we brainstormed environmental issues that we could use to inspire our designs. We then sketched our ideas on paper using pencils and came up with a message to put on our bags.

The designs were drawn onto the bags using special fabric markers and pastels so that they can’t wash out.

We think that there are many really great designs with very powerful environmental messages on them. Have they made you think about how you can help to fix an environmental issue? We hope that our bags will make people think more about the things in our lives that impact on our environments.  

10 thoughts on “Environment- Green bag designs”

  1. I like reducing and our C.B.L solution is that to save the Environment and your work is good for the Environment.

    1. We really did try our best and we are happy you like our work. We hope that our Art keeps people thinking about ways to help our planet.

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