Poem Innovation

Our class has been learning to write our own poems based on the rhythm and structure of another author’s poem. This is called poem innovation. Here are our class examples on the innovation of the classic ‘Roses are red’ poem.

Roses are red
Sunflowers are yellow
Petals are soft
Just like a marshmallow
– 3D

Rose are red
Water is blue
Apples are crunchy
Leaves are too
– Kate

Roses are red
Grass are green
My favourite vegetable
is the bean
– Imogen

Roses are red
Blueberries are blue
Honey is yellow
Bees are too
– Briana

Roses are red
Daisies are white
You are so sweet
I will hug you tight
– Samia

Roses are red
Grass is green
Butterflies are cool
The best you’ve ever seen
– Lucas

Roses are red
Cakes are pink
I clean the dishes
They go in the sink
– Maria

Roses are red
Chocolate is brown
It tastes really yum
It’s the best in town
– Eeshal

Roses are red
Kittens are white
I love playing
But fighting’s not right
– Miguel

Roses are red
Blackberries are black
I love painting
And I dry it on a rack
– Jason

Roses are red
Blueberries are blue
I put on a parachute
Then I flew
– Aydin

Roses are red
Trunks are brown
When people scream
It makes me frown
– Zain

Roses are red
Flowers are rainbow
I can see trees
Outside the window
– Marco

Roses are red
Taxis are yellow
When I make slime
It feels like jello
– Alec

Roses are red
Whiteboards are white
iPads are electric
And they have light
– Haydar

Roses are red
Horses are tan
When I do my work
I try the best that I can
– Tiana

5 thoughts on “Poem Innovation”

  1. These poems look fabulous,they rhyme, they make sense.

    What is the name of these poems?
    Was it hard to do or was it easy?

  2. From Saja and Makayla WOW they’re all amazing! I love it because it sounds like u really tried your best and looked back to see if it makes sense.

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