This term we have been learning about the environment and how we can live sustainably. We have learnt about sustainable housing, renewable energy sources, composting, the waste cycle and how we can save water. Our challenge this term was to make a positive impact on the environment. We noticed that people were putting the wrong things in our compost bin and were putting things that can be composted into the regular waste bin. So we decided to  educate the grade 3s on what things can and cannot be composted, and then make mini compost bins for each class.

Did you know? Fruit scraps, eggshells, tea bags, vegetable scraps, hay, leaves, spices and herbs can go in compost bins. Whilst, meat, onion, bones, glass, metal and dairy cannot be composted.

Composting is important because it helps to reduce waste and keeps our soil full of nutrients so that we can grow big healthy plants.


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