3B Celebrates 2017!

As our Year 3 is finishing, we reflect on the year we have had and would like to share some of our most memorable moments of 2017!

In the start of the year we started to do something called NAPLAN. It was very hard maths. In NAPLAN we got our own spot in front of some one. All of us tried our best.

In term 2, as part of ANZAC Day celebrations, we made a poppy wreath using origami and we learnt how to make Anzac biscuits. They were definitely delicious.

We went to camp. We were going to Mt Everlyn and when we got there we ate our food. Then we got told who is in our cabin and we went to our cabin. Next, we got sorted into our groups, then we had free time and did one activity. After that we went and had dinner. After dinner we got ready for bed and then we fell asleep. The next day we woke up and got ready. Then we had breakfast and we did an activity. After that we went back and had lunch and then free time. Then we did one more activity before we went to our rooms and then had dinner. Then we got ready for bed and fell asleep. We repeated that everyday.

We have decorated our sanctuary with mindful colouring in sheets. We had fun colouring in the sheets. When we have mindfulness we finish our colouring in sheets to put up on the sanctuary wall. We take our time and try and work out what colours go together.

Since the year has past, the most important thing to us was making new friends. Without friends you will be lonely!

What an amazing year!


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