Better Buddies Day 2018

Do you know why we do Better Buddies Day? 

Better Buddies day is here to teach us to be more safe, respectful, responsible, friendly and caring in our community. It was set up by The Alannah & Madeline Foundation who wants  every child to live in a safe and supportive environment. Today with our buddies we did a photo scavenger hunt, lip sync dance battle, fruit artwork and sang about fruit in Spanish. Please continue reading this blog to find out more about what we did.

For PE, we completed a photo scavenger hunt with our buddies. We were given a list of photos we needed to take and we went outside to move around different areas to find our photos. Some of the things that were on the list were, everyone doing a model pose, the whole group hanging upside down and a photo that looks like you are flying. It was a great time with our grade one buddies.

Our next session was called Lip Sync Battle. It was so much fun. In the Lip Sync Battle we had to choose a song and pretend we were singing and dancing to the beat. After creating our videos we got to share it with the whole class. In conclusion it was fantastic and we had an amazing time collaborating with our buddy groups.

Today in art we made faces out of fruits and vegetables, We got to make our own faces with different pictures and got to name our artworks. Some people made funny faces with a grade one and showed teamwork at the same time. We used lettuce, carrots, watermelons, apples and grapes to create the eyes, nose and mouth on our faces. At the end people laughed and enjoyed the faces different groups made.

After creating our fruit artworks we listened to and sang a Spanish song about fruit. The song had some fruits in English but it was mostly using Spanish names for different types of fruit. We talked about our favourite fruits and why it is important to eat fruit to keep us healthy.

We had such an amazing day with our buddies completing different activities throughout the day. We collaborated as a team and tried our best in each task. It was a fantastic to see everyone participate and have fun!

2 thoughts on “Better Buddies Day 2018”

  1. It sounds like you’ve had a great time and learnt a lot year 3 and 4. Better Buddies Day is very important and I’m glad you enjoy sharing what you learn from it.

  2. Thank you Mr Summerell. We had lots of fun with our buddies and enjoyed the day. Thank you for commenting on our blog – we love blogging very much!

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