Better Buddies Day

Yesterday was Better Buddies Day! We wore purple and raised money for the Alana and Madeline Foundation.  We did lots of fun activities with our buddy class Prep H. These activities were based on our specialist subjects such as Spanish, P.E, Art and Performing Arts.

First we practiced saying our vegetables and fruits in Spanish and then made a face by cutting them out and arranging them together. We were inspired by the portraits of the famous artist Arcimboldo.

Image result for arcimboldo artist

Here’s some of our art

In Performing Arts we made a dance in groups based on a lip sync and dance battle. We made videos and shared them with each other.

For P.E we went on a photo scavenger hunt on the oval. We had to take photos of our group doing things like flying, everyone giving each other a high five and a model pose.

We had fun with our buddies on Better Buddies Day. Hope to see Prep H soon!!

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