Skyping a scientist

Today we Skyped a scientist with Mrs Caccianiga’s class and his name was Wesley. We learnt lots of important information about microbial ecology and how microbes can affect our world. Some of the information we learnt is;

  • ‘I learned that there are more good microbes than bad microbes and microbes produce oxygen so we need them to survive,” Charli.
  • “Microbes can effect our mood, ” Abaan.
  • “Microbes are in our body. They can be good and bad for us. When we get sick it can be the cause of bad microbes and that is the same as coral reefs but we need them to keep us and the corral reefs alive,” Zain.
  • “Microbes can be multicoloured and have different patterns on them,” Briana.
  • “There are more microbes in our body than in the ocean,” Charli
  • “Scientist can work by themselves or work in a group,” Ava.

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