Better Buddies Day!

On Monday, we had Better Buddies Day.  Better Buddies day was created by the Alana and Madeline Foundation.  We celebrated this day to support kids in staying safe and protecting them from violence.  We wear purple because that was the girls favourite colour.  We donated money to help their charity.

Our first activity was a fun scavenger hunt with our buddies.  Challenges included taking pictures of your whole group doing the YMCA, on the slide, a group hug, shoes on hands, flying and jumping.

Our next activity was a Lip Sync Battle.  In groups we needed to choose a song and practice a performance.  The songs included Happy by Pharell Williams, Roar by Katy Perry and Dynamite by Taio Cruz.  Students had fun created their dances.

Our third activity was a Spanish and Art activity.  Our challenge was to create a portrait of someone by using pictures of fruit and vegetables.  This was inspired by the Italian artist Guiseppe Arcimbaldo.

Cooper: “Buddies day was fun, especially the scavenger hunt!”

Joel: “My performance was awesome!”

Kavyaa: “We enjoyed our day with our buddy”

Vidhi: “We really enjoyed the fruit ball activity because it was creative to use fruits and vegetables to create a drawing.”

CHALLENGE BASED LEARNING                                                                               It is the Finding out stage of CBL.  We had fun participating in a Scavenger hunt to find out more about different European explorers.  QR codes were scattered around the room and we worked as a team to investigate and match codes to explorers.  We made predictions about countries that may have been explored and used dot points to write down the key information we found.  

We have been practicing our research skills by using key word searches to find reliable sources of information. We are learning the importance of paraphrasing and writing important facts in our own words. We used highlighters to identify key information and make connections.                                                                                                                  Gavy: Captain James Cook was killed by natives in the Hawaii Islands.                                                                                                                                        Kavyaa: I predict that Arthur Phillip explored Phillip Island. Gursewak: The Dutch first discovered New Zealand.                                   Alana: James Cook discovered Australia and found indigenous people living there.                                                                                                               Arda: The British took over Australia even though there were already Aboriginal people living there.


EXPANDED VOCABULARY                                                                                           We have been learning about Australian History and early settlement.  There were lots of words that we didn’t know the meaning of.  We have been using a new strategy to help us understand the meaning of tricky words.                                                               1. First we highlight new words.                                                                                   2. Then we type the word and use google images to help us visualise what the word means.                                                                                                        3. Then we use an online dictionary to make a connection to the meaning of the word.

For example.  In 1770, Captain James Cook landed in an inlet, which he named ‘Botany Bay’.  We didn’t know the meaning of ‘inlet.’

We typed ‘inlet into google images and this is what we found.

We knew that it looked like a beach.  So then we looked up the dictionary meaning.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Inlet: A bay, or small narrow entry of water from the sea.                         We found visualising the word first really helped us to understand the meaning and helped us to remember the word better.

We have been working hard to collect new words that link to our big idea of discovery!  This is what we have so far!                                                   

READING                                                                                                                                   In reading, we have been learning about the importance of finding the main idea.  The main idea is what the author wants us to understand.  We used non-fiction texts to help us find the main idea.  To be successful we also need to search for supporting details and evidence.

We also practiced finding the main idea using a visual text.  We watched a news report from Behind the News.  We needed to listen and watch the news story and re-watch it to find supporting evidence.  We loved watching BTN!

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