Week 4

Preservice teachers
We have been lucky to have 2 preservice teachers working with us in year 4. They will be working with us for 3 weeks. They have been helping us with our CBL lessons with focusses on Day and Night, animals and their adaptations.

Better Buddies Day
Monday was Better Buddies Day. We worked with our Prep C Buddies to do activities. We did an art and spanish activity in the morning where we made a vegetable/fruit man to practise the names of the fruit and vegetables in spanish. After lunch we went on a scavenger hunt to find the items on a list and competed in a dance off for performing arts.

Lalit “I was excited to work with my buddy.”

Shivya “I liked the scavenger hunt because we had to take photos and find the items on the list. It was challenging.”

Talia “I learnt to say the names of some fruit in spanish”

Skyping a scientist
This week we Skpyed a scientist who works in the field of microbial ecolocy. We expanded our knowledge about microbes. We learnt how microbes can duplicate and split into two. DNA is molecules giving instructions to your body.
Did you know microbes are everywhere! But you can’t see them with your eye. You need special equipment like microscopes and lasers.

Mother’s Day
We have been working on a special gift for our mum’s this Sunday.
From all of us in 4A we wish all mums a very happy mother’s day. We hope you get spoilt!

One thought on “Week 4”

    It is so cool that you guys got to Skype a scientist! microbial ecology is a very hard area to be working on!

    well done 4A!

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