Learning about the convicts on The First Fleet

In writing, we have been learning to persuade an audience. We started to draft a letter to convince the reader that convicts were treated unfairly.

Here are some examples of students’ thoughts and ideas:

The convicts committed small crimes and were treated unfairly – Shyla

People were punished for being late and lazy – Zac

There wasn’t enough food and water for all the convicts but they still had to do so much work- Hazim

People shouldn’t be punished for stealing a small loaf of bread” – Cruiz

People may have been stealing to survive – Arda

The government were too harsh towards people who committed innocent crimes – Harman


We have also learnt how to paraphrase information about the First Fleet.

“Paraphrasing is when we re-write information in our own words” – Kathleen

Here are some examples of how we’ve paraphrased new learnt information.

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