Colour Magic Experiment

Today we did an experiment called Colour Magic. We were chemical scientists and looked for different reactions between things.

We chose different lollies – Skittles, M&Ms or Smarties – and then we mixed them with different liquids to see what the reaction was.  We could put the lollies in either water or vinegar.

Our teams chose what lollies and liquid they were going to use. We have one area the same and one was different. For example, one team placed skittles in water and skittles in vinegar.

We followed the scientific method and made a hypothesis about what reactions we would be observing. Then we observed as we completed the experiment.

Here are some pictures of our experiments in action:

We observed some similarities and differences between the vinegar, water and how the colours on the lollies reacted. The colours all dissolved off the lollies in both liquids but the brightness of the colours was different between the Skittles, M&Ms and Smarties.

Have a try of this at home and let us know of any different reactions you see!

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