Fish In A Tree Review

We have been reading ‘Fish In A Tree’ by Lynda Mullaly Hunt  this semester and we finished it last week!

We discussed lots of reading strategies as we were reading the book. We thought about predicting, questioning, connections, inferring, synthesising, summarising, finding out meaning of vocabulary we didn’t know and many more. We also identified character traits of the main characters and spoke about their choices and how this affected them.

When we had finished reading ‘Fish In A Tree’, we spoke about the message that Lynda Mullaly Hunt might have been trying to share with the reader. We included our ideas in a book review we share wrote. A book review is a summary of the book that also includes our personal opinion. Please read our review – Fish In A Tree Review by 4D.

Have you read ‘Fish In A Tree’ before? We highly recommend it! Would you read the book after reading our review? Let us know in the comments!

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