Grade 3/4 Camp!

Last Wednesday, we travelled to Phillip island on a two hour bus ride.  We were so excited! We stopped at San Remo for lunch and watched the penguins.  We loved climbing the big tree, rolling down the hill and skipping rocks in the bay.

We finally reached our destination at Phillip Island Adventure Resort.  The property was huge! Two other schools were already there! We found our bags and got settled into our cabins.  We could fit six people in a cabin and we shared an ensuite bathroom with the people next door.

Our first activity was a walk down to the beach.  It was freezing and started to drizzle.  We put on our gumboots and rain coats and walked 20 minutes to the beach.  At the beach we built sand castles and drew words and pictures in the sand.

Dinner time! Dinner was so delicious! We ate spaghetti bolognaise and for desert we ate apple crumble cake with cream.  Yum!

That night our entertainment was a quiz! At quiz night we worked in teams to answer 5 rounds of questions.  They were about popular authors, movies, listening challenge, famous people and match the teacher to the baby photo! It was so much fun! If we worked really well as a team our prize was lollies and chocolates.

The first night was a little scary with the storm.  It was raining heavily and the wind was very strong that it kept knocking on our door.  We didn’t sleep very well that night.

It rained all night and on Thursday we woke up to a sunny morning!

It was a very big day! We had four activities planned! Our next activity was the Low ropes and Baulder wall. We needed to work in a group of 3 to help each other to complete the course safely.  Each group had 2 spotters.  Their job was to hold their palms up high and follow the person across the course, making sure that if they fell they did not fall and hit their head.

Our challenge at the Baulder was was to climb across horizontally to the other side, each section becoming harder and harder.  We also worked collaboratively to help and spot our group members.

Activity 3 was the Initiative course.  This was so fun! We needed to work in partners and teams to complete each section of the challenge! This included:                                                                                                  1. Walking on 3 ropes with locked arms                                                            2. Standing on a log and trying to get into birthday months without stepping off the log and without talking.  We figured out that we needed to squat down and step over people.                                                    3. Stack the pancake tyres.  We needed to move the tyres off the pole to another pole and arrange them in the same way in under 15 moves.                                                                                                                                          4. Wobbly bridge.  We needed to balance our weight as a group so that we balanced evenly.  We did it for 6 seconds!

Next was the Giant swing! It was 18 metres high! We worked as a team to pull each person up.  They got to choose how high they wanted to go.  If you let go of the rope then you had to do 10 pushups.


Our last activity for the day was Team Rescue.  Our scenario was that we were on an island and we needed to the save the injured pilot Jay.  The only way we could save him is if we worked as a team to get across the course by carrying him.  It was very tricky! We had to pass long planks of wood to create our path!

That night we went to the Penguin Parade! It was a very chilly night! We saw groups of tiny penguins coming out of the water and waddling up to their nests.  They make a calling sound to help find their family.

On our last day at camp we needed to complete two activities. First we had Archery.  We loved it! We needed to stand on our side and place the arrow in the bow and landing.  We used all of our strength to pull the string back passed our chest.  We did really well!

Our last activity was the Flying fox.  We all got into a harness and flew down 5 metres.  It was fun but not as scary as the giant swing!

On the way home we stopped at a park to have a picnic lunch. Thank you for having us Phillip Island! We had the best time ever!



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