3/4 Camp!

Last week, a group of students from 4C were lucky enough to go to camp at Phillip Island. At the camp there were fun activities such as the giant swing, flying fox, archery, low ropes course, team rescue and intiative course. On the giant swing you get put into a harness and you hold onto a rope to swing back and forth.

The giant swing is a lot of fun because it feels like you’re flying – Inaya

During archery I got a bulleye on the first turn! – Emerson

On the flying fox it felt like you were zip-lining from tree to tree – Jason

At night we went to the Penguin Parade. There were 1316 penguins that slowly come out of the ocean at night and walk to their burrows! We got to see the penguins up close as we watched from the boardwalks.

Meanwhile back at Aitken Creek Primary, the non-campers did fun activities such as making pizza, Spheros, Bloxels, made oobleck slime and watched a movie while eating popcorn!

It was a great experience for everyone!


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