Science experiment fun!

Over week 7, 8 and 9 we have been growing sprouts. We didn’t just use water but we used other drinks as well such as Sprite, Coke, orange juice and milk. The sprouts with water grew while the rest started to grow mould! You can try this at home. All you need are sprout seeds, soil, drink of choice and sunlight.

Let us know if your sprout grew!

~ Imogen and Maria


Colour Magic

This term we did the colour magic experiment and the dancing sultana experiment. First we wrote a hypothesis and then the materials we needed. Then we did the experiments. After the experiments we wrote our observations.

How the colour magic experiment works is you put some M&Ms or Skittles in a petrie dish (or small dish) and cover with water. Then you put a sugar cube in the middle of the dish. The colours dissolve off the lollies and do not mix together. When the sugar cube is added, the colour is pushed away from the middle of the dish by the larger amount of sugar.

What you do for the dancing sultana experiment is you put vinegar in a plastic cup and pour a little bit of bicarb soda in it. It may fizz! You then put objects in the vinegar and see if they dance. We found that flat objects like paper clips sink and bumpy items like sultanas dance and move with the bubbles.

~ Adit, Batu




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