Building Trust

On Friday we read a book called ‘Nobody Knew What To Do’ by Becky Ray McCain. It is a story about Bullying and how nobody knew what to do when bullies were planning to do hurt the main character Ray.

We discussed things we could do if we noticed a friend was being hurt or bullied in different situations. Here is what we came up with:

  • Use your voice
  • Make yourself comfortable in any situation, if we are not comfortable; it is okay to walk away.
  • Ask questions to understand what is going on
  • Think before we speak

After we read the book we discussed ways we can show trust by drawing a trustworthy and untrustworthy person.

Our next step was to complete a snowball fight! We needed to write an idea on a small piece of paper. The idea would be connected to how we can improve trust in our classroom and what activities we could do in the future.

We cannot wait to share these activities with you next term!

One thought on “Building Trust”

  1. Hi 3F,

    I loved hearing this idea! The book you read sounds fantastic with a great main idea or message. I would love to read it to my class as well!

    Looking forward to hearing about what else you get up to next term!

    From Ms Huntly

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