3B’s CBL Discovery Showcase

As part of our CBL challenge ‘Discover our Australian history’,  we opened our classroom for our families and buddies to showcase our discoveries. During the showcase, we shared our projects about the First Fleet, Captain James Cook and the colonies that settled in Australia.

Will: “I liked that lots of parents came in to see our CBL solutions that we worked so hard on”

Dave: “I liked the opportunity that the parents were given to see our solutions”

Sathuya: “I liked that we were able to share new information with families”

Joshua: “I liked that we learnt a lot about the First Fleet”

Caitlyn: “I liked that people could roam around our classroom and interact with others and learn different things”

Lavanya: “We were able to give information to our families”


We got our families and our buddies to provide feedback to us about our presentations and the information we were sharing.

Navroz: “Feedback helps us improve for the future”

Aadvik: “Feedback lets us know if we succeeded or not”

Generalisations from parent feedback

  • Parents were proud of our work
  • There needed to be more space to move around
  • We need to work on speaking clearer when presenting our information
  • 100% of parents learnt something new about our Australian history

Generalisations from buddy feedback

  • Most of the feedback was positive
  • 80% of our buddy class learnt something new and understood the information
  • 20% of our buddy class didn’t learn anything new or didn’t understand the information
  • We need to work on speaking clearly when presenting information

From this information, we know that we can work on practising public speaking and presenting our information verbally to an audience.


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