3E’s Australian History Treasure Hunt!

For our CBL challenge “Discover our Australian History”, our class decided to create a Treasure Hunt as a solution to teach our community about the discovery of Australia. We have been working hard towards paraphrasing information that will be used in the Treasure Hunt. We created clues and maps to make the Treasure Hunt more fun! We also used a lot of teamwork to enable us to complete all parts of the Treasure Hunt. We made a range of models and artefacts to showcase different aspects of the discovery and history of Australia. These include the 11 ships of the First Fleet, a penal colony, convicts, captains, prison cells, shackles, flags and so much more! We are all so engaged in the creation of our solution and we are so excited for students and parents to learn and join in the fun!!!

Student comments:

“I was so impressed with the student turn-out for our treasure hunt. I was so happy to see our parents learn about our Australian History.” – Kathleen

“I was really amused with how the treasure hunt turned out and how students and parents were intrigued”  – Shyla

“I was really happy to see many students join our fun treasure hunt” – Savneet

“I was really surprised that lots of people came and I hope more people come today” – Cruiz

“I was really proud of the information I’ve learnt which we used to create models. This topic has been very successful.” – Zac

“It was really fun making the artefacts for the treasure hunt” – Brianna

“Our parents really enjoyed our treasure hunt and loved our artefacts” – Lara

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