3F’S Discovery Showcase

Throughout this term we have been working towards completing the challenge, ‘Discover our Australian History’. 3F have been working extremely hard on our big idea and we decided to open our classroom up to our families to investigate Australian History, like we did.

While parents were walking around we asked for some feedback on our showcase. This was great for us as we got to reflect on our strengths and areas to improve on. Here are our positives:

  • Families thought our showcase was a success
  • We were able to share our learning
  • Parents and families learnt something new
  • We spoke well

Things we can improve on:

  • Having more space for our showcase
  • Being confident with ourselves
  • Speaking louder so everyone can hear what we are presenting
  • Everyone saying something

We absolutely loved sharing our learning with you all and cannot wait to do it again soon!

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