Assembly Performance!

Writing – Bold beginnings

This week we learnt how to become better writers by hooking in the reader with BOLD beginnings. Some of the bold beginnings are dialogue, onomatopoeia, a question, an exclamation, character description, setting description, an action and a cool fact. To practise writing bold beginnings we firstly chose a story line of our choice. Then, we gave an example of each bold beginning. This will improve our writing and hook in the reader in the very beginning!

Note: If the reader isn’t hooked in the very beginning, they will most likely not read your text or become very bored and not interested while reading. Have a look at some examples!

This was so much fun – Farzad

If we don’t hook in the reader, they will not read our text – Yara

Bold beginnings are used to hook in the reader! – Jaipreet

CBL – Magic milk experiment

We discovered that scientists need to follow a specific method when conducting experiments. This method is known as the ‘Scientific Method’. Scientists need to ask a question that they are curious about to conduct an experiment, then they state their hypothesis. A hypothesis is an educated prediction on what might happen. They then experiment, from the experiment the scientist collects data on what actually happened. With all the information, the scientist then writes up their conclusion of the experiment.

When conducting the Magic milk experiment, we followed the Scientific Method. Some of us hypothesised that:

I think the milk will ooze out – Hadi

I predict that the milk will turn yellow – Decklan

I hypothesise that it will react with the dish washing liquid – Yara

Assembly performance

Since we have been learning about the Scientific Method, we decided that out assembly performance should be about the Scientific Method. Our song was selected from one of the most entertaining kids’ musicians – Jack Hartman (

Prior to our performance we worked collaboratively with 3A to get our props, costumes and dance routine prepared in a short time frame. We all dressed up as different scientists. On stage we had biologists, chemical scientists, pharmacists, zoologists, meteorologists, marine biologists, forensic scientists and much more! We had so much fun performing and singing along to our song in front of everyone! To end the performance Miss Shabo conducted the ‘Elephant toothpaste’ experiment, which was awesome! We would like to thank our parents for coming along, watching and supporting us.

We had fun practising in the classroom! – Eva

It was really surprising when we saw the ‘Elephant toothpaste’ – Jaipreet

It took us a few times to practise, however, we looked awesome on the stage – Devyan

CBL/Writing – Biographies on scientists

This week we have been researching different scientists to gather important information to write a biography about them. In order to write a biography, we used a graphic organiser to guide our research. As we researched, the information written in our plan had to be paraphrased – written in our own words. Some of us started writing our drafts, however, we will need to follow the writing process in order for our biography to be amazing.

I chose the scientist Marie Curie to write my biography on – Hannah

Albert Einstein had his first job at the age of 15 – Aoun

Rosalind Franklin attended college with another woman who didn’t get full credit for her work- Decklan


Attend today, achieve tomorrow.

Thank you for reading!

3C 🙂

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