In CBL, we visited the ScienceKids website to explore different sciences by engaging in various online games. The games were organised in 3 different categories; Living Things, Physical Processes, and Solids, Liquids and Gases. The games were not only fun but we learned new things about different types of sciences.

“If a liquid is cooled it can turn into a solid, water turned into ice” – Saad

“If you put too much water on plants they will die because they’ll drown” – Hazim

“When heat is added to a solid, like chocolate, it will turn into a liquid” – Savneet

“Every time you put water on paper it will soften and it can break” – Zac

“There is less friction between cars and an icy road, so when driving it is much smoother and faster” – Zac

“There are scientific names for bones, for example the pelvis” – Harman

“I learnt that if you want to grow a plant, you need to show a lot of attention to it such as providing the right amount of water and heat” – Shyla

“I learnt about different parts of the human’s body and their bones such as ribs and backbones” – Kathleen

“I learnt that for plants to grow,  we need the right amount of water, heat and light” – Jesaiah

“Humans need plenty of food, water, exercise and rest to live” – Balram

“I learnt that there are more than 10 parts in a flower such as the petals and sepal” – Aleyna

“I learnt that that we always need to keep our hearts beating to stay alive” – Jesaiah

We also used Makey Makey kits to investigate how power and electricity makes things work. MaKey MaKey is an invention kit that connects any object that conducts even a little bit of electricity to make things like banana pianos.

We attached the alligator clips to the board and onto different things such as fruit, clothes and paper to make electricity to control games on the laptop.


A reminder of the importance of school attendance. “Missing 2 days a month means a child misses 10% of the school year”

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