Choose Your Own Adventure

This week we have been working on our Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) stories. Choose your own adventure means that the reader is able to choose where they want the story to go.

First, we read Countdown to Danger, a CYOA story and when it came to a choice, the class voted on which choice they liked best. Next, we started planning our own stories. We started by brainstorming ideas for our stories such as getting stuck in a haunted house or going on a space mission. After that we planned our own characters by describing their age, personality and appearance. Here are some examples by Nick and Mariah:

The next step was to plan problems relevant to our story and possible solutions. Have a look at Simrat and Hazal’s problems:

Next week we are going to begin to draft our stories. We are very engaged and enthusastic about our CYOA stories. Stay tuned!!




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