4D Reflections

Author Incursion with Adam Wallace

The Year 4 classes went to go see Adam Wallace. He came to tell us what it is like to be an author. It was really cool to see an author who writes books. He told funny stories and made us laugh our heads off and we did pictures. ~ Raidyn

Adam Wallace is an author who is funny and awesome. He told us what it was like to be an author like him and how he comes up with his ideas. I think Adam Wallace is a perfect and funny author!

Today we saw Adam Wallace. He is an author and he read a little bit of his book. He taught us how to draw like him. He came so we know how it is to be a author. I think Adam Wallace is funny ~ Adit

Today we went and saw Adam Wallace. He was very funny. He made us draw two butt cheeks and it turned into a piranha! We could do anything with the piranha. It was really very fun doing it. I drew a bloody one.

We saw Adam Wallace and were drawing pictures because he wanted us to have a good time with him. We had fun! He read some of his book and we gave him some ideas of what could happen in the book.

Here are some of our own versions following Adam’s drawing:

Connecting with our pen pals in Korumburra

We have been using FlipGrid to make cool videos for our pen pals. FlipGrid is an app where you can make short videos for others to see. We are waiting for our pen pals to reply with videos of their own.


Investigating our Big Idea of POWER

We have been working on our power wheels. We hung them on our window. We had to write who we have power over and who has power over us. We did it to show our learning to the other classes in the school. I like that all of us had colour. It is AMAZING AND SO COOL!!!! ~ Imogen

Choose Your Own Adventure narrative writing

This week we have been working on writing Choose Your Own Adventure stories. We first read a Choose Your Own Adventure story and then started our own in writing. We have been using Popplet to brainstorm and plan our ideas. Our teacher showed us the books which gave us the idea to write our own. Then after we wrote them down, we tried to make them interesting and cool and amazing  . We wrote a full story and made endings too. We haven’t finished but we all enjoyed making them!. ~ Ali

Skipping in PE!

In PE we have been doing skipping and learning new tricks. We have been learning skipping because at the start of the term nearly no one knew how to do tricks. Now nearly everyone knows how to do tricks! ~ Jenna and Sabriin

During week 3 and 4 we have been skipping our way to success. We have been doing single jump, double jump, 1 foot over, skier, the bell and out and in tricks. We are practicing because we want to get better at it. I think I’ve achieved my goal of the skier. ~ Imogen

What we did in PE first was a warmup. It was really fun and funny because we were playing on a little skateboard or scooter thing and we went so fast in a superman position. In skipping we did some tricks with friends. We did skipping because we have to and it’s really fun. In my opinion it is the best Specialist. ~ Dimitri

We have also been reading some YABBA shortlist books (and related titles). We are voting on our favourites at the end of term. Have you read any of these books? Which ones did you enjoy?

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